Log cabin quilts - question

toolgrannyMarch 7, 2011

Have you ever made one? Did your sides come out different lengths? I didn't think I was so inaccurate but on a queen size, my long sides are 2-1/2" apart in length. Is this common?

I'm tempted to just go with it since it won't ever go in a show, but would appreciate any comments/advice.

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The very first quilt I made was a long cabin, and I think everything came out different lengths. lol It was a baby quilt. But I don't remember the finished sides being that much different. I did try to square up each block before I joined them into rows, and I bet if the sides were uneven, I fudged and trimmed the long side off.

I hope someone comes along who has done one recently.

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I also made a LC baby quilt years ago. I don't remember any big issues with uneven sides. If there were issues, I probably "slivered" them into submission.


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I was careful to square every set of "logs" and the finished blocks on the one I did last year. This was probably squarest one I've done! LOL

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I've only made one and it was a table topper size; probably about the same size as a crib quilt. It was a long time ago but I don't remember having any problems with uneven sides. I've seen posts by people here saying they didn't enjoy making the lc block but I really like it and always planned to do another, larger one. I'm pretty fanatical about pressing at each step... do you think that had anything to do with why it worked for me? Or maybe you had some fabrics that stretched more than others?

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The first LC I made I sewed the strips then pressed and trimmed. It was very uneven when I was sewing everything together.
The last one I cut all of the logs first and then sewed and most of the blocks were OK. Much better than with the faster sew then trim method.
Looking forward to seeing your pics. I don't think any one would notice 2&1/2 inches. What method did you use to make it??

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Oh, forgot to mention!!! I did a paper pieced LC and threw that aside after 2 blocks. No way would I ever PP one again lol!!!!!

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Yes, I've done log cabin pillow slips and one full sized log cabin quilt I finished this winter on one of my beds now. No, I didn't have but a small amount of difference in the dimensions when I got the last row on each block and it was not noticeable when I took a straight edge and trimmed it to a perfect nine inch square. I did them foundation pieced, btw.

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Didn't PP or foundation, just precut pieces from strips. My mistake is probably that I didn't square up and trim the individual blocks before assembling. What a dummy! Well, I'll know next time. I'll just trim wherever I can and hope it doesn't show. Luckily I'm piecing a border to fit so that might hide differences. I hope so.

Thanks for the help as always. I knew I could count on you!

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We aren't the quilt police, Linda. Knowing you, when you're finished with it, nobody will ever know.


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I have made 2 but only have a picture of one.
I can't remember having any problems with either. Jayne

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Jayne: wow wow wow wow WOW!

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I've made several and have never had a problem with any of them.I always use Eleanor Burns method.

Nanajayne,that's gorgeous!! LC is my favorite quilt to make for everyday type use.

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That was the first quilt pattern I made and my most used pattern for the first few years of quilting until DH said I should do other patterns! I also do the quilt-in-a-day method and have found that I was stretching the strips as I sewed because when I went to put the blocks together, they would be off - and the outer strips were sometimes almost ripply. I also found that when I was cutting the strip blocks apart, I was slightly slanting the cut and that was also throwing off my blocks. I now try to be really careful not to put the strips under any tension and to let the blocks rest on top of the strips while I sew. I also press the seams flat with my fingers not only where the allowance is going under the presser foot but also further in the seam so that it is laying at 90 degrees to the current seam. This has greatly reduced the stretching in my blocks and I end up with blocks that are very close to uniform. It has been trial and error working with the log cabin blocks but I still enjoy making these blocks.

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I guess that is why I do mine using the sew and flip on a cloth foundation, the extra reinforcement of the square of cloth beneath helps to tame the strips going down. I don't always 'rip' my cloth along the grains, other than to make the long strips for log cabins or rug-making because I've found so much of more modern material (especially those imported from 'you know where') the grains aren't true and it turns what should be along the grain to sort of a bias strip if they're cut and bias strips give to much for accurate straight seam sewing in large quantities. I lay the smaller foundation block on a large gridded cutting mat and after each series of rows (I chain them for log cabins) I can swing a long straight edge across the the last row of strips (logs) and match it to the grids on the matte and butt the next strip against it to pin. It trues up each row as you go and no surprises when you get to last row of logs on the block.

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Jayne that is a beautiful Log Cabin!! I am looking for floral to make a floral Log Cabin.

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