Anyone else having problems with ads?

bozogardenerMarch 3, 2013

When I go to open a post, an ad completely takes over the page and I can't read the post. I couldn't even close it and had to exit completely! Any solutions to this? I am using firefox.

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I had Firefox with adblock on my old laptop and never had ads. Now I have a Chromebook but still have very few ads.


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This Pantene ad that takes over and snows is making me crazy. It opens in a new tab everytime I try to click on one of the topics. It is very invasive. Give me a break, Gardenweb!!!

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The ads I get are all down the right side of the page, so they don't really interfere with the messages. But they are annoying anyway.

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Sometimes when I am on GW on the QF adds pop up in the middle of the screen and sometimes like the snowflake add take over the whole screen. I am getting sick of these adds and am visiting GW less these days.

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The ones on the right side don't bother me much. But let's try to remember, it is the ads that keep the forum free for us.


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I'm referring to the Pantene ad that takes over the whole page and I can't read the posts. The ones on the right don't bother me.

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On the Pantene ad I just use the X in the upper right hand corner & it's gone in an instant!

I'm w/Beverly - the ads keep GW free for us.


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I have Adblock on my iPad and the Pantene ad still takes over...even the x to close the ad doesn't work. It just keeps opening another tab with another Pantene ad. It's IINFURIATING!


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I use Firefox as my browser and have Ad Block Plus (free add-on). There are no ads at all. It is also available for Internet Explorer and Chrome.

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I've had the same problem with the Pantene ad and it covers the whole screen and I can't make it go away. What's up, GardenWeb? I am fine with the ads that just stay to the side. I know people need to advertise. Also, I can type messages fine here, but when I go on the GardenWeb Round Robin I can't see what I type in the message box as I type. In fact there is about a 3 min. delay before it appears! Almost too long to wait.
Both of these issues make it hard to stop in and check boards or post when you have limited time to do it. I hope it all gets straightened out. Both of my problems started when the new background appeared - which I happen to like - but I don't like the problems!

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Ugg, I just had a case of the Pantene ad that will not go away. Every time I tried to click on anything (a thread topic that I wanted to read, the 2nd page of the forum, etc.) the Pantene ad would open a new window. I just closed my internet compmletely, and when I reopened it worked again.

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I am having real issues with the Pantene ad. I has made it almost impossible to post and keeps popping up and obscuring what I am seeing. Using Firefox at the moment but no blocker.

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Sorry to hear of this problem. Another poster here also posted abt it over at Houseplants or C&S Forum where I hang out.

As I posted to her, once I installed Adblocker, all the Ads stopped for me. So well that when I moved onto a laptop last Fall, it was one of the first things I added.

Also, pls. consider contacting GW abt it directly, either try the bottom of these pages at a 'Contact Us' area or maybe look for an area called 'Letters & Comments'. I'm not sure what they call it anymore, perhaps they can help. HTH.

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