How can I search a specific neighborhood on

jane_d_1950January 1, 2014

On Zillow, I can put in my county and then find the map so I can search specific neighborhoods. How can I do that with When I put in my zip code, it gives a lot of houses, but they are scattered and I have to look up each one to see where it is. Is there a map, or a way to narrow the field?

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can't you change your view to a map view?

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That's what I want to do. How do you do that? I don't see a tab for maps anywhere.

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I don't generally use that site, but gave it a look. I searched using City, State and got a list of houses with thumbnail photos. The map view link is shown in my photo, where the arrow is pointing. Hope that helps.

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Thank you Gyr Falcon. I can't believe I never noticed that before.

If you don't use, which one do you like for current listings?

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When I go to the first page offers the ability to "Search by: address, city, zip, neighborhood, or #MLS."

The example they give is "Old Town, Chicago, IL."

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Of course, then I test it with my own city and it does not work. Nevermind.

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Jane, thanks for asking this, and thanks, Gyr Falcon - I never noticed that either!!!

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I'm frequently the one in need of "Where did they put that link?" help, so it is nice to be be the one to be able to pass along a point-out occasionally. ;)

Jane, there isn't anything wrong with realtor.con; I just didn't have it in my favorites and have not become familiar with that site. I believe they have redesigned their site since I first checked them out some years ago. My brief visit gave me the impression it has improved and might be one I would like to use more often now.

I still have Listing Book information sent to me (although a recent site design there won't allow me to stay logged in, so that is annoying!) and I keep tabs of trends on Zillow because I have knowledge of the historical flow of the prices there. Even the Trulia site has been redesigned twice since I was a buyer. They each have their strengths and weaknesses, so it depends upon the information I seek where I go.

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