What are your plans for the weekend? March 19/20

lindaoh_gwMarch 18, 2011

I plan to visit the LQS tomorrow with a friend. I need backing fabric for the DWR and other quilts. The store is closing next month and everything is 25% off. They have a wonderful selection of wide backing fabric.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Linda OH

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Have fun, Linda! Too bad about the store closing, though.

Hubby is off tomorrow (yay!) and it turns out we DON'T have to install a new garage door opener (another yay!), so we don't have any specific plans. I have one more top I want to assemble before I start quilting the pile that has accumulated, so I'll probably work on that. (Unless hubby comes up with something more exciting!)


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No real plans. I have been feeling miserable these past few days...no energy. Will try to catch up on my sleep as I have been going to bed late and getting up early.


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I am trying desperately to finish 2 quilts this month.
One only needs the binding - haven't cut it, but did finally buy the right shade of navy blue-I bought it without any samples of the quilt fabric and it is perfect. The other 4 navy blues I bought that I matched to the fabrics weren't right.

The other quilt, I decided I am skittish about using the backing I had bought for it a very long time ago before I had any experience with the final quilting. The color is perfect, but I am concerned about the stitching as I am going to probably change thread colors. I hope to find a suitable print for the backing later today. I may still use the original one I bought as I like it alot.

The weather is supposed to be nice here (finally) and my yard and gardens are screaming my name....It is back breaking work, and I am tired of doing it.

Geraldine, I hope you aren't getting sick - I have been trying to shake this flubug & cough for almost 7 weeks. I hardly ever get sick.

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Just got back from the AQS quilt show in Lancaster. John Flynn got on the same bus as we did to get there, and Ricky Timm was also there. No I did not ask for autographs. First time I did not spend a bundle of $$. Just wasn't much I needed this time. I did get lots of ideas for some quilting and pattern ideas. Long day, but lots of fun with my quilting buddies.
Tomorrow I will sort my goodies, and play with some fabric, maybe get working on the borders for a quilt I finally found fabric for that I liked today.

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Tomorrow I am taking a "Beyond the Basics" machine quilting class at my LQS. Today I need to sandwich something to take along to learn on ... I dug out a UFO that is at least 10 years old - one of my first BOM from another quilt shop that went out of business. The colors are very bright - yellow/green/2 shades of blue so the quilting should show up on it well. I never quilted it because I didn't know what to do with it! I am looking forward to learning how to do more than SID and meandering.

I am also working on my last round of the cross country quilters round robin - it's a challenge but I think it is turning out really well.


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I own a greenhouse. It's been sunny and I am tweeking that final push on the spring line before they're all benched and ready to grow on and finish off. The sewing room still calls like a siren's song, and I sneak an hour up there each morning with my cuppa so that I don't lose my enthusiasm when something goes into UFO status.

I finished my twister baby quilt last weeekend, washed it and hung it on the line to dry and my 'hunter's eyes' caught something bright moving as the breezes wafted the little quilt around. CAN YOU BELIEVE I quilted a pin into the batting? OMGosh...for a baby, none-the-less. So, Since it's near the middle, there is no way I can get to it, to remove it, other than poke a little hole in the back and pull it out, since it has that big, yellow, head on it. Oh bother! Then I get to repair it somehow, prolly with an applique. I hate to do appliques. LOL.

What I am working on now, is machine quilting my scrappy quilt. I always use Warm and Natural, but this time, I used the highest loft poly I could get and it's making the blocks puff out like a comforter. I'm loving it. I don't know what the pattern is called, but it's a duplicate of my
g'mother's quilt. The closest pattern I can find to it is Blue Ridge Beauty, but it's not exactly the same. The background diamonds are sky blue and blue paisley and the center blocks are four patch scrappies. And I worked in diamonds en pointe in white in the middle of the quilt and all around the borders. I'm liking it, but the quilting is going much slower than I'd anticipated. I've been four days so far and it's about a third done.

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My visit to the LQS was fun. I bought two pieces of the wide backing and several other fabrics. I took my little "Pieced Tree" pattern for a table runner with me and now I can't find it. I think I may have dropped it in the quilt shop. I had it in a small baggie with fabric samples.
I wanted to work on it so I looked it up on-line and drew it in EQ7. It worked out well and I have the top done!
Linda OH

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I went to a very good quilt show yesterday. Today I hope to finish assembling the top of my daughter's quilt so I can start looking for border fabric.

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No quilting for me. But, I did pass my re-certification for railroad brakeman yesterday and I'm glad that is over. I may be their token old lady but volunteering surrounded by kind, respectful older men is great.

Packing for a trip today. Don't worry if I'm offline for a bit. I'll visit quilt shops so may have lots of inspiration by the time I return. Wish me luck.

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No quilting for me either. My sister and her granddaughter arrived friday night from Illinois. Yesterday was my usual saturday...errands, grocery shopping etc. Today we walked down the road to a local sugarbush for the Maple Syrup Festival. They also have a raptor center so watched a demonstration, walked the trails, went on a horse-drawn wagon ride and tasted maple sugar candy. The lineup was very long for pancakes but since DH works for the Conservation Authority that runs it, we were able to go to the back door. We had sausages dipped in maple syrup...yummy! Tuesday and Wednesday I will be doing lots of piecing. A friend called today and wants to get together tuesday to sew and wednesday is my guild UFO day. Thursday I will organize meals for DH and DS for the weekend because bright and early Friday morning I am off to a quilting retreat.

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