QOTH - 3/16 - Rulers, rulers, rulers

sandlapper_roseMarch 16, 2011

There are so many rulers available these days. Does anyone have a favorite to recommend? Obviously there are the simple cutting and squaring up rulers, but what else do you use? How many rulers do you have? What do you use to prevent your ruler from sliding as you cut fabric? Are you someone who can't resist each new ruler as it is introduced?

Maybe some quilters might want to list what rulers you own... or is that way beyong the space available here on the Quilting Forum? LOL

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I love rulers but don't buy too many. Well, my definition of 'too many' and DH's might be a little different. Are we counting templates?

I have two 6x24 rulers. I broke a tiny corner off the oldest one and just had to run out and get another. I use both of them all the time and find that having two comes in very handy.

One of my favs and most often used is a 6x12. It works great on the rotating 12" mat I use beside my sewing machine. I wish it was 6.5 x 12 but it isn't.

I finally found a 12.5x12.5 and use that religiously to square up blocks. It's my newest favorite toy. Other square rulers in my toolbox are 4.5x4.5 (never use it), 6.5x6.5 (seldom use it) and an 8x8 with a 4x4 cutout in the middle (can't remember why I bought it!).

I have a tiny 1"x4" that I use fairly often when checking things at the machine.

I have a wavy ruler with wider waves and narrower waves, one on each side. I don't cut with it much but I use it to mark quilting lines.

Then I have the round templates, a couple sets of triangle things, and some other stuff I don't even remember buying. I never use any of them.

Then I recently saw the Twister pinwheel thingy and I want that too. I'm certain I would use this one!

Mostly I don't have anything on them to prevent sliding but I put those non-skid dots on the longer ones.

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I think Kate copied my list. I used to buy specialty rulers and then quit that when I found I didn't use them. I still have various triangles and wedges. I love my 6x24 and have one really long 4x36" that comes in handy when cutting across WOF. I like my little 4x12 for tight places.

I put sandpaper dots on the backs of the bigger ones. That seems to be what works best for me.

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I have other rulers, but mostly use my 6" square and 6"x24" just out of habit.

Yes, the sandpaper dots are perfect to hold the ruler onto the fabric. When on retreats I have used rulers that didn't have the dots and really noticed the difference. Now I won't travel w/o MY rulers.


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I use my 6 x 24 and 6-1/2 square ALL the time! :) I also have an 11" square ruler that is really a specialty ruler (it has curved slots for cutting circles). I made 2 small projects with the pattern that came with the ruler, and ever since I've used it for squaring blocks.

As far as other specialty rulers, I have the easy angle and companion angle, both of which I'm still learning to use. And I have the Tri-Recs ones, which I haven't had good luck with. I also have Jodi Barrows' Square in a Square ruler and I just took a class to learn to use it.

I hang the smaller ones on my pegboard and the larger ones live in a slotted board my friend's hubby made for me.

As for slippage, I use those little stick-on sand paper dots - 2 or 3 per ruler.


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My newest and has become my favorite, is the Omnigrip 8.5 X 24 ruler. It is awesome for cutting borders and binding. It has a rough side to prevent it from sliding and works well. I also have the 8.5 X 8.5. It is my go to ruler and would love to have a 12.5 X 12.5 too. I have one that is another brand in that size, but the corners are worn off from the rotary cutter. I also have a 4 X 36 that is great for squaring up quilts before binding. I have a 4.5 and 6.5 square, but hardly use them. I looked at the twister ruler yesterday and thinking about buying it:).

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Yes, the sandpaper dots unless the ruler has the rough spots already on it.

I constantly use 6 1/2" x 13" and 3 1/2" x 9 1/2" and can pretty much do anything needed with just those two rulers. I use the 3 1/2" one to trim HST while still triangles. I have a 12 1/2" x 12 1/2" square and few other squares that I use once in awhile. The triangles are in the drawer as I don't use them. I also have a 6 1/2" x 24" if I need a long one.

Speaking of rulers......This Saturday is National Quilting Day and that's the day I check the sides of the rulers used most often to make sure they are still 'true' and not worn down. I usually buy 2 or 3 at a time of my favs...if I don't have those particular ones, I'm lost.


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Well, I posed the question earlier but had to wait awhile before I could come back to list my rulers. You will see that I like rulers! It seems if I have a coupon or they are on sale and I don't see anything else I need, I get a ruler! LOL
Those that I use all the time are a 6" square, 12 1/2" square, and one that is 8 1/2 x 24". I could not do without those. I have a 4 1/2 x 4 1/2" and a 1 x 6" and almost never use those.
My new favorite is the X-Block Ruler. I have 2 so far and I love them to the point that I am starting to teach a workshop using them. I also like the Square in a Square but haven't used it in quite awhile.
I just found out that two of my rulers are still sealed in the package. I'll have to try them out: Easy Circle Cut and Clearview Triangle.
I bought Kaye Wood's 5, 6, and 8 Starmaker Rulers years ago and am still very interested in them but must admit I haven't made an entire project using them yet. I'll put it on my "to do" list now that I thought of it.
I have what is called an Handi-Square and Is it Square Tool. I find those confusing and don't use them.
I have a Fons & Porter 60 degree diamonds and Half & Quater Ruler, a Mini Quilters Rule, and a Quilt in a Day Ruler, 8 inch Bias Square, Easy Six, and what I call a slit ruler where you can drop your rotary cutter into the ruler and cut stips. I never seem to be able to cut well in the size the slit is - otherwise I would use that one more often because the idea is good.
Isn't it amazing all the cutting/ruler tools that are out there? I don't know that I need any more though until I manage to use those that I have. LOL
I like the sandpaper dots, too, so the ruler doesn't slide. I have tried those, felt dots, and even velcro. I hate it when ruler slides while you are cutting fabric.
Sharon, I love your idea of checking out the condition of your rulers on National Quilting Day!
Thanks for you ideas, everyone.

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I am surprised that you longtime quilters do not own more rulers - Jeanne - you are excluded from that statement ~LOL
I don't run out and buy rulers, but I am accumulating them.
My absolute favorite that I did run out and buy was recommended by Rosa (I believe) - it is the June Tailor #796 Shape Cut - Jeanne is that your slit ruler??? I use that the most - love it and I want the bigger one, but cannot justify the price.
I also have:
Omnigrip 12.5" & 6.5" squares
Omnigrip 6" x 24" & 6" x 12"

I really like the EZ rulers- they are inexpensive and I use the coupons at Joannes - I use them often and like the extra 1/2"and they are clear & easy to read.
EZ 6.5" X 24" & 6.5" Easy Square JR Easy Angle - req'd for the Pineapple class I took & the Companion Angle
I also had to buy Ez Draft & Cut 2" x 18" & Omnigrid 3" x 18" for pineapple class - they were cheap, and I have been using them often.

I did have to buy a few series of the Marti Michell templates for a year long BOM class that I took when I started learning. I do not like these templates or her method, but I learned alot and glad I was exposed to them.

I have the Add A Qtr ruler - for PP - it's just okay
& a 3 set of 1/2" wide by 3", 6" & 12"(?). I have misplaced the longest one & that is the one I use.

So, ladies....why do I have more rulers than you have?????

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Marsha, I just listed my favorites and the ones I use the most. I have other rulers but have learned I don't 'need' a ruler just because it says so in a pattern. I love to make-do with what I have. I found some 6 1/2" X long rulers on sale one time, bought a couple and DH cut one down to the length I wanted, so now I have two plus one that's still long.


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Sharon, do you use the little ruler (4X8) that we bought at the quilt show? I find I grab that one to trim up small pieces.
I have too many rulers to list them all. The sizes I use most are the 6X24; 6X12; 4.5 square, 6.5 square;2.5 square.
Of course, the rulers I have used lately are the Twister rulers.
Linda OH

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I didn't realize I was such a ruler junkie until this QOTD. Once I started looking at them, I found rulers and plastic templates all over the sewing room! I think it's important to recognize and deal with your addictions so my next step will be to build one of those cool ruler holders, with lots and lots of slots to stack them in.

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After reading this post, I checked out my rulers. I also have a bunch of them. I find that the ones I use most often is 3 1/2 X 3 1/2 and 6 1/2 X 6 1/2 to square up my blocks. A 5 x 18 and 12 1/2x 12 1/2 for square ups. Also the templates I use most are flying gease and 8 point star both by Eleanor Burns. The others I use off and on. Too many to mention. But they do get used. I do have them in a table rack that my son made for me. It is larger with more spacing than those you would buy. And the wood was called 'quilted maple' -- how does that grab you??

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Lindaoh, I do use that one if I can't find either one of the 3 1/2" x 9"....I have it on the small lazy susan on my sewing table right at hand. I need to clean that area off again....big sigh!

Am I crazy? A lot of the things I have at hand, isn't because I use them so much, it's because I like to look at them!


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I love, love, love my fiskars rotary cutter ruler!

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I have several but my favorite is a Fons and Porter omnigrid 8x14. Have 2 because I was afraid one would break and I wouldn't beable to find another. lol. I use my 6" sq and 4 1/2" sq.(omnigrid) all the time. I have 2 24" but only use them if I have to (omnigrid & o'lipfa). Not my favorite at all. 3 block sqs.to sq. blocks= 16 1/2, 12 1/2 and 15. I have a couple Elenor Burns, several different EZ, a 6"? bias and a 4"bia sqs.,6x12 and 4x12=omnigrid and quilters rule. I like quilters rule but not easily found around here. There are others but would have to realy invantory to mention them all. Jayne

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