Jar Quilt -Veggies-Need help

magothyrivergirlMarch 14, 2011

I want to make a jar quilt for my DH's Aunt & Uncle. He is a real farmer growing up on a family farm, now lives in suburbia. He has a green thumb and more gardening knowledge and experience than I will ever have~and she is (was) a huge canner. Age and poor health has slowed them down, but he still has a huge garden, giving away most of what he grows.

I wanted to use the Market Farm veggies and food fabrics.

My question is regarding the background. Pictures of all the ones I have seen, use a dark or black for the background. I use alot of black, but I think they would prefer a light or white background. I have some white on white with dragonflies w/ tiny black specs for their eyes leftover from another project. Do you think the white will provide a big enough contrast to use as the background? I wanted to do shelves or bookcases but need to create that depth. Suggestions? Opinions?

I looked at your Camp Cheerio Jar quilt - I really liked it.

You did such a nice job!

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My big fruit/veggie jar quilt uses a dark green background which I stippled in a tan thread. I really think you need that contrast to make the veggies stand out. Not a good picture, but you might remember this posting:

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I agree that you need a darker background to make the jars stand out. You could always use a brown or a "woodgrain" print fabric. It will look more like a real bookcase.


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Linda, that is exactly what I want to make! Is it okay if I copy your quilt-well....not exactly, but that's is perfect.
I don't remember this picture-thanks for posting it again for me. How big were your jar blocks?

Dark green would work perfectly as a background- I have some batik wood grain that is okay for the bookcase shelves, but it is too much for the background.

Did you use fat quarters or did you buy yardage for the veggies?

Thank you both so much for helping.

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Copy away. They aren't really blocks. I used strip scraps from someone else and added just a green strip between each jar. I did the corners and lids/top on each and then layed them all out and connected them with a single strip so I had a long piece for each shelf when done. I wanted my jars closer together than most patterns show and less uniform. It's an easy one to make any way that looks good to you.

Jars are 3-1/2 to 4-1/2" wide (finished) depending on scrap I had. Second shelf from bottom is 15" high.

Check your e-mail.

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I think any color would work, as long as it ends up looking like a bookcase. If by chance you have fabric that is the color of the wall it will hang on, that would look great. Good luck with your quilt.


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