Central Florida Pool Builders (Intercoastal)?

weatherboy80July 6, 2009


I am located in the Melbourne area in central Florida. We are about to pull the trigger on a new pool and screen enclosure and have narrowed our search down to 2 companies: Intercoastal Pools and Spa (Melbourne) or All In One Pools (Merritt Island). We are leaning towards Intercoastal due to a slightly better design (opinion); however they are more expensive thus far :(

Any thoughts on either of these two companies or any others in Brevard County? They both scored really well with the better business bureau.

Also, how much should companies be willing to come down off their first estimates? I ask because 1 company came in ~15% above our budget price ...

Finally, any thoughts on stamped concrete versus pavers? We saw some pavers at some example homes and wasnÂt all that pleased due to some leveling issues, but at others it looked just fine. BTW, pavers are more expensive. If it helps we are planning to go with a clean line, contemporary pool design (rectangle) so I am thinking a clean concrete with clean line coping might be the better choice anyways.

Thanks in advance!

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I can't help you with your PB selections but I can give you my advice on stamped concrete. We had it for 3 years and was very disappointed on how poorly it held up. Our pool was completed last month and we covered up the lanai w/ 1" pavers. The stamped concrete was very expensive & we had a very reputable company in Jacksonville do it. The problem we had was the color washed away after the 2nd time we pressured washed our lanai. We used the lightest setting too. I would speak to clients who've had their stamped concrete for at least 3 years and find out how they clean it. We've got 2 Labs so we had to pressure wash it to get our lanai really clean. I would just be concerned about the color fading in the hot FL sun and the color washing away when you clean your deck. I've also heard it's slippery when wet. Our lanai got wet but I never experienced it being slippery. Hope my experience helps you make a better decision. Good luck.

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Thanks - our quote for pavers was much more than the concrete so that was factoring in on our decision. We did get a quote in our price range that uses acrylic spraycrete, but I'm no sure I like that look.

Can they do a clean-line coping with textured concrete?

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That's surprising to me pavers are more expensive than stamped concrete. Usually it's the opposite. What is the PB quoting for each option? Are you looking at standard pavers or something like Artistic pavers? Our PB used Tremron pavers and originally quoted us $7.50 per sq. ft. & we negotiated it down to $5.50 per sq. ft.

When we did the stamped concrete on our lanai 3 yrs. ago we paid over $2k for 400 sq. ft.

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Intercoastal came highly recommended,I think they are a
established and quality pool builder.Woody spent a lot of
time with me and beside being qualified was a very nice guy.I had a lot of confidence in them.
We are in Vero Beach and went with Luadon Pools out of Ft.
Pierce.Mainly because we needed a stem (retaining)wall and
Luadon did 2 in my development and I like the way they did
the wall.They beat Intercoastals price when I went back and
was close to signing.Luandon did a great job on our pool.
But like I said I was impressed by Intercoast,and the job
they did on a friends pool.
This was almost 3 years ago and most companies had to let
plenty good people go.Plus I think only the good companies
are still in busness.

I went with brushed concrete on the deck,this saved alot
of bucks,plus IMHO it looks better than a busy stamped or
flakey cool deck finish.

Good Luck...JR

PS..Stay away from Best Pools in Melboure....

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Why the dig at Best Pools?

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> Go to the BBB for one thing,
they had pages of complaints when I checked on them 3years
Also was warned by a long time Melboure resident about a
several horrid storys from unhappy customers.
I have one more reason that I won`t go into that happen
when I was concidering a FG Viking pool.


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Thanks, JR. I checked the BBB but there were no complaints in the last 12 months and only 4 in the last three years. They had an A- rating. I thought that was pretty good, especially since they were all resolved. I imagine that Pool contractors are prone to complaints since they are dealing with individuals in an asthetic situation where subjective complaints are probably normal. On the other hand i suspect that a customer would not complain to the BBB if they could not get a resolve directly. I notice that Intercoastal Pools have no complaints in the last three years and has an A+ rating. I am inclined to give a company the benefit of the doubt but trust word on mouth from other customers. That is why I like this web site. Amd as you say maybe this is an issue with a FG pool. I am building a gunite pool. I would like to learn more. jparkfire@att.net

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Thanks for the input on Intercoastal. It looks like we are about to sign the contract on Monday after much thought.

If you're interested here are the details of my pool build:

Pool - Rectangle shaped 28' X 14' with cantilever edge to give it a contemporary look. It is 3 feet deep in the shallow end and slopes to 6 ft deep on the other end.
Spa - 6' - 7' square corner spa, 6" raised with 4 therapy jets and 2 12" tile spillways (waterfalls) into the pool

Decking 30' X 40' area - broom finished concrete with free stain negotiated into the deal. We are going for a gray stone finish as well (modern look). This includes footers at the perimeter of the deck.

30" retaining wall at back of decking since our yard slopes downward to a man made lake.

Screen Enclosure - yes we are in Florida, it will be a black enclosure covering the entire deck area. Thoughts on the black cage fading over time?

Removal of a couple trees currently in the back yard.

The equipment is pretty basic, other than the salt system:
Pump: Stra Rite 2 hp Max-E Pro for pool circulation
Filter: Starite System Cartridge (150 sq ft)
Sanitizer: Pentair Intellichlor salt system
Gem Exposed aggregate finish
Valves: Jandy 2 & 3 way for easy operation
5 ton electric heat pump to heat the spa (on demand)
3 LED lights (2pool and 1 in the spa)
Free robotic cleaning system - have not seen this one yet

Again, as you can see we are going for the modern, clean lines approach with the simple concrete, cantilever edge, and rectangular pool and spa.

After some negotiation we got the price down into the mid 37 K range (including pool, spa, deck, and screen). Is this a good deal considering the current market? Should I be asking for anything different as far as equipment goes? I don't mind doing some work myself, so automation was that much of a big deal for me.

Thoughts on the bull nosed cantilever (simple) edge for a modern pool? I wish I could do flagstone or blue stone, but that would put us outside our budget :)


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Also does anyone know if the darker blue finishes are usually an upgrade in price?

Our quote came with the phrase (white base only) so does that exclude the darker blues, like midnight blue, or sapphire. I think the dark blue accents the contemporary look and want to make sure we get the deepest blue possible without paying anymore.

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Hi WB...
I believe Intercoastal will build you a great pool!
Ditto on the house on a lake and very sloping back yard,
that`s what I had.
Cost of cages in S.Florida have really sky rocketted in the
last 4/5 years due to hurricanes.We had one when we were in
Broward,Wilma got it.Screen enclosures also boost the cost
of home owners insurance
Here in Vero we opted to leave the pool open,we put a white aluminum fence around the deck.It looks super on the
raise deck overlooking the lake.Suprisenly the pool stays
clean of leaves,etc.
I believe IC uses Marquest(sp) finishes for in the pool.
One color is pewter and another is French Grey?
A member here mixed the two(pictures in the arhives/gallert) It made a dark Emeral green,that was stunning!
Check those out in IC broshure,we went with a French Silver
(Loudon had available) Used a solid dk aqua border tile.
Looks sooo classy,we love it! The grey brushed concrete
blends in perfect...

Another thing I did to save dough was left off the Heat Pump and salt generator! Pool company asking $4000 for
the heater and $2000 for salt. I bought new aqua rite(?)
from E-bay for $600. and new Heat Syphon hp from Dave Marcus for $2100.(got this a year later)and put in my self.
The SG I had on hand and the plumber piped it in for me
I let him keep the cloreen despencer.Wiring was simple.
For the heater I went to HomeDepot and bought 75`of romex
and a disconnect.You might be able to pay the electrian
to wire you up for a later heater?

With the dough I saved on the heater,I spent(about$500.)
on mosaics.Got a green turle family (mother and two babies)
swimming across the bottom and 2 small crabs on the steps.
Everyone that comes over comments on them. Ask Woody if your
interested,he will put you in touch with someone who does it.

Hope this helps...JR

PS...Best pools sells Viking FG pools.Viking makes a very
good pool.But several on this board say the company won`t
back up their product.Lousey customer relations and all
claims and problem are your or the installers fault.

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Great, thanks for the advice. Unfortunately, our HOA requires a screen enclosure in our neighborhood.

Are the darker mixed or deeper blues come standard in price? They always indicate that they have a wide selection materials and they when you say " I want that one" - well sir that's an upgrade :)

Also, anything as far as my equipment (see above) I should be suspicious about?

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I`m sure IC has figured Marquis in your price.Which is a quality quartz finish.(similar to Diamond Brite)
Here is their sample colors that you must choose from,


I doubt if they would even use plain plaster anymore.
Now if you want a pebble tech type finish,that is alot

That seems to be a good quote,the spa,HP/SG and cage adds
about 20 grand to the tab.My nieghbor paid $42 K for almost
the same pool.

Also when I suggested to add the heater yourself later,I
didn`t see you where getting a spa.Where you would want it
the same time you get the pool.

Too bad about the HOA and cage,looking out on our pool
from the house,it look like you are right on the water.

Good Luck....JR

Here is a link that might be useful: Intercoastal Pools

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Update on your pool please? We are looking into Intercoastal Pools right now. Would you still go with them? Are you happy with all your options?

Do you have a photo?

Thanks for any input!

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Intercoastal is in my back yard as I type - in the plumbing phase. I investigated 6 companies and would happy to share (offline) my impression of them and why I went with ICP vice their competitors. There is one company I would think you want to avoid like the plague, but YMMV. Of course my pool isn't complete so I can't give a final assessment.

You should be able to send me an e-mail via the MY PAGE link if you would like to continue this offline

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Beenear...don't know if this helps....but I know of a company in Orlando that now builds hurricane proof screen enclosures...they use rebar/concrete inside the posts and guarantee the darn thing...it's www.hurricaneproofscreenenclosures.com.....

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You may want to check out American-Pools. They are based in Orlando but also service Melbourne. I am building a home in Malabar and am contracting with them.

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