QOTD 3/12/11-Saving Catalogs-Do You?

magothyrivergirlMarch 12, 2011

Do you save the catalogs (Connecting Threads, Keepsake, etc) mailed to you? If you do, why and how long do you keep them, and which ones are worth keeping?

I haven't developed a habit yet. I am interested in hearing your answers.

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I don't save them beyond a few weeks anymore. I found that once I shopped in them, I seldom did it again. But, I rip out FMQ samples I like and paste them to my wall for ideas. They have some nicely quilted pictures in them.

I usually shop online from those catalog shops anyway so don't worry I'm missing anything.

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I keep them all until the next one comes. Then sometimes I give them away or discard. Good place to search ideas. Jayne

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I tend to keep mine, probably for too long! I keep Hancocks of Paducah because I love looking at the fabric and the colors inspire me. I keep Keepsake quilting because the quilt pictures inspire design ideas. The others I save just because I'm lazy.


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I usually save them til the next one comes. I also look through them for ideas....not that I need anymore....sigh.


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Yes, I do lol!!!!!!!!! I was just thinking about 'WHY' last week. I sometimes take them to the gym to look for inspiration while I am on the boring threadmill or is it treadmill!!!!!!!!!
I have a stack that I do need to go thru and throw away, 'cause I shop and order online too.

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I save them for a very short period of time, like maybe a month or less. Before tossing them, I check all the pictures they have. The ones that inspire me, I cut those out and keep them in a folder, just for the ideas, color selections, patterns used and border ideas. I have actually used them when I was stuck to what to do with a quilt I am working on. I find it good reference to have on hand.

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Shhhhhh! They haven't found me yet! I spent a good deal of this winter and some of last ridding my office of a gazillion wholesale plant and equipment catalogues. Then I took all the Flower and Garden magazines and bundled them up by year and found very grateful recipients. I was drowning in paper and I absolutely hate vendors who send you paper catalogues when you buy from them online. Like.......save a blinkin' tree, whydoncha?

Now, I scan through them if/when they come in and they immediately go in the recycling. Ahhhhhhhhhh. I watched a couple episodes of "Hoarders" on the tube and it frightened me because how does one know when they cross that magic line? LOL.

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Nope, I toss them in a big garbage can that's right by my front door. I don't look at them once.

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I look through them, and I will keep the Hancock's of Paducah for a while, but other than that I recycle them.

If there is a good idea, or quilt pic that appeals, I rip that out and tape it into my graph paper book. Then it's ready to draft if I ever decide to make it.

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Thanks for all your answers.
I have mostly been recycling when the new one arrives. I have kept a few for quilting ideas.

I am overloaded with paperwork from my business where I seem to keep everything. I could sure use that space for quilting.....hmmmm

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