Help with near final kitchen layout please!

sfgirl93March 13, 2014

Hi all,

We are expanding our kitchen, and I think we're close. We are deciding b/t this version that I've attached, and asking our architect to take out the butler service area (currently outside the dining room), move the pantry door all the way down to right next to dining room wall, and the basically slide everything on that wall toward the dining room (the stove, fridge, etc), so that the fridge is not across from the peninsula. We would then put a small counter next to fridge on the other side for keys, etc. We would slide the small sink in the island down too so it's closer to the stove.

The cons is that the stove would no longer be centered right across the large sink and we would no longer have butler serving area. The pro with the change is that the fridge is not across from the peninsula.

Would love your thoughts on this. Thanks in advance!!!

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Why not take down the wall behind the butler serving cabinet and have access from both sides?
Or, move the wall back toward the current pantry door and put the serving cabinet in the dining room, like a semi built-in?

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The peninsula is the problem, not the fridge. Your stools and dining chairs will be back-to-back, and that's without people in them. I had this arrangement before our remodel and hated the congestion and the busy look of too many chairs in one small space.

If you eliminate the peninsula, you can lengthen your island and add seating. That would be my choice. If you keep it, I would shorten it and eliminate seating. Or at least shorten it to two seats. You don't need a peninsula for prep, sink, or UC microwave (though that's not a bad idea). I do like its use for setting out food for the dining area, but you don't need much counter for that. Without seating, you could add 12" deep cabinets or bookshelves on the back if you want to keep the counter at 36".

It appears you have three doors or the potential for three for outside access. Can you close off the door in the kitchen? That wall would be a more efficient spot for your range.

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I like may_flowers idea about moving the range where you have the wall oven. The oven/mw could then move where the range is.

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It is IMO too far from the stove top to the prep sink and in addition it is a main thorough fare. 4ft would be better, but it still a hazard. Consider turning around with a pot of boiling pasta that you need to drain and people walking through as it would be easy to bump a running kid and cause a serious burn.

I think I would consider putting the fridge where the oven is, the range where the cleanup sink is flanked by windows, Flip the island so prep sink is on the other side and then put the clean-up sink where the current range is. Cut off the peninsula and extend the island and put seating on that end of the island. Don't have anything in the space where the fridge is shown to allow walking space.

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