Using IntelliFlo 'feature' to turn Polaris booster pump on/off?

solarbuddyJuly 12, 2011

Hi--I have a Polaris 180 that is driven by a booster pump switched by an old-school Intermatic timer. Power failures in my area have sometimes caused the booster to run when the IntelliFlo filter pump is off.

What I would like to do is have the booster pump switch on when the IntelliFlo begins a high-flow-rate feature.

Is there any simple off-the-shelf pressure-switch or flowmeter-switch devices that would "sense" the increased flow rate/pressure and just switch the booster pump on/off?

I *don't* want to add another controller to the system--the IntelliFlo pump seems very capable by itself.

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It woudln't be that hard to do.

First get one of these....

Then, run the power to the booster pump through a 24vac relay. Run power from a 24vac transformer through the pressure switch, to the relay.

Set the pressure switch at 8+ psi so that it makes sure that the pump is running before it allows the booster on.

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