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mudnJuly 10, 2010

I have a 5 foot retaining wall followed by 2-3 foot planting area that I need to block as part of the baby mesh fence we have to install. I didn't get any good ideas from the 3 companies I had come out to give me quotes. Anybody have any ideas on how to build an effective mesh baby fence next to and on top of this retaining wall?

I really appreciate any ideas.

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Keep the fence in the pool deck, at least 2'6" from the retaining wall so a kid can't use the retaining wall to compromise the fence.

It looks like there is enough room to keep at least that same distance from the pool's edge. If a kid compromised another section, let him fall on the concrete, not in the pool. I want to hear him cry. Drowning is the silent killer.

If the mesh fencing is to protect the plantings some manufacturers use 15" long tubes pounded in the ground to hold the cups that the fence poles sit in. This will lead to wrinkles and waves in the mesh as setting them perfectly vertical and at the same height across and uneven surface is nearly impossible. Been there, done that.


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Sorry, forgot to mention the fence will not go around the pool but lengthwise across the entire yard. You can see in this picture it will go from the fence above the retaining wall, across the new concrete, onto the existing concrete where the pergola is, and to a fence on the other side of the yard that is out of the picture on the left.

So I need a way to keep a kid, who I know can climb the retaining wall, from going around the fence on top of the retaining wall or though a gap between the retaining wall and the fence.

Thanks again for the input.

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If the mesh fencing you are using is the black fabric type with vertical aluminum or fiberglass poles every 30" or so, they are typically only 48" or 52" high. Your wall is taller than it is.

They rely on tension across the bottom and top to provide an undistorted view and appearance. When the ground and concrete meet, getting the pipes I mentioned in my earlier post are used in the ground, getting them spaced correctly and perfectly vertical across the bottom is ponderous at best. There will be waves, tilted poles, and uneveness. It doesn't take much either, 1/4" off center or a few degrees from plumb, and the appearance and strength of the barrier will be compromised. Two or more poles along the line and across the ground will have similar issues. The farther along the ground, the worse it gets.

How about simply just setting the fence along the pre-existing deck in a L shape? Use the house as part of the barrier. This way you stay on the concrete where the core drill can make perfectly aligned holes for the fence sockets.

This will effectively seal off the retaining wall and pool. A gate or the space between two sections can be used for access to the pool. It may not be exactly what you envisioned but it will work, assuming the installer knows what he's doing, will look as good as it can. The kid can't climb the retaining wall if he can't get to it to begin with and the pool is effectively blocked.

Meet any and all attempts by the little one swiftly and sternly. Don't use the fence as a towel line, BTW. It will either stretch the fabric or warp a pole or two.


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