Average cost of gunite pool

twingleJuly 9, 2013

What is the avg cost of a gunite pool? I live on Long Island a suburb of NYC. Here most people seem to have vinyl lined pools. The only gunite pools I've been in have scratched your feet. But the gunite pools on this board are beautiful. Im really impressed with the tanning ledges, deep water benches and built in slides. Very cool. I'm just wondering if they are really expensive and thats why they are not common. An avg 20 x 40 vinyl pool here is @ $30,000. Thats without the deck surrounding the pool.

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On LI, plan to spend at least $45 - 50,000 for gunite. Ron Gibons is a very popular gunite company on LI. My mom works for a high end landscaping company and a lot of their customers use Gibons. Take a look at their website. They have some really pretty pools.

If you are looking at a free form style pool, you can get something very similar looking with vinyl. A way to make a vinyl pool look like gunite is to use natural stone for coping and patio work, add in a water feature, and choose a really nice liner that mimics common gunite colors (i.e. teal is a very popular gunite color).

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Thanks! I found it interesting that gunite is so popular on this forum but not so popular on LI.

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I think it's more popular in northern Nassau than anywhere else. I wonder if other areas of the country have to use gunite due to weather/temperature issues. A lot of my daughter's friends have pools and we have yet to encounter a gunite pool. I think backin the 80s my half sister's mom was building a gunite pool in East Northport.

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