to heat, or not to heat, and when?

joeschmoe80July 17, 2012

I live in the Columbus, OH metro area. We'd like to take the plunge (pun intended) and install an inground pool.

For others in my area, or similar climates, do you heat?

If so, do you heat all summer to, say, 80 degrees? Or just at the very beginning and end? This year has been hot enough that I would imagine ambient pool temps would exceed 80, but that's not always the case.

And - do you heat in winter to keep it just above freezing, or just let it freeze as it would in many winters here?

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I live near the Jersey Shore. My pool is typically over 85 degrees F. during the Summer months. The day's sun keep it there without any assistance from the heater. We are roughly in the same longitude and get the same amount of Sun.

I typically heat my pool in May, September and October. Then I Winterize and cover it.

I use a gas heater.

If I had an attached spa, I would likely use it to heat it to about 100 degree for a soak. An attached spa is MUCH SMALLER a body of water than the pool and doesn't require the amount of heat to be added that the pool would. We are talking about 600 gallons vs. 25,000 gallons, btw.


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Good points, poolguy. Our local public pools are like bathwater around here lately (we've been over 100 several times and at least in the 90s many days this summer). Our summers are more or less simlar to yours in Jersey (I lived in Morristown for a while in the late 90s).

Now - what about safety issues? Our plan is a fence and gate to keep kids and dogs out, etc...but some say for added protection you should always cover the pool when not in use. Do you have any advice about that? My kids can swim, but I still wouldn't feel comfortable with them having easy access without my wife or I around, and the idea of someone else's child getting in and drowning is of course something I couldn't live with!

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Nothing beats vigilance. I have all sorts of people using my pool. The young ones are always watched or have floatation vests that prevent their head from submerging or going face down. My dogs and my guests dogs swim and bark.

I have a six foot, unclimbable, stockade fence around my back yard to keep out the uninvited. If someone overcomes that and they drown when no one's around, oh well. I did my part. The township did their part by requiring it. Darwin Awards are given to those that are determined to win them.

I never cover my pool when it's open. If I had money to burn, I might have considered an automatic cover. A safety cover for the Winter is a must.


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