New flooring when listing?

mkkristenJanuary 31, 2010

I've cross posted in the flooring forum, but want advice from some buyer/seller experts as well.

When we moved into this house almost 4 years ago, the floors in the front hall were atrocious 1970s tile and the kitchen was peel and stick vinyl tiles. The people that lived here had updated everything but the flooring. So we did Brazilian Cherry in the living room and dining room and a nice tile(I think ceramic) in the front hall and kitchen. Now 3 years later, several tiles are cracked and every time I look at the tile I want to scream(partially because the imbeciles who installed it were major screwups and never even finished the finish work.)

All that to say....there is a chance we will be putting the house on the market this spring. I am thinking we should replace the tile in the front hall and kitchen, but of course don't know what to do. I don't want wood because it will be hard to match the rooms next to it. I don't want to cheapen the house, so can I do vinyl? What should we do? We don't want to spend a lot, but don't want it to look cheap. Thanks!

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We had wood flooring in our kitchen, dining, and front entry when we bought our house. We couldn't match it so the advice was to contrast it. We ended up not doing that either. We went ahead and installed it with the thought that we'd tile the kitchen and dining room later. Later didn't happen and the house sold anyway.

I've wondered what it would have looked like if we had made a border of parquet wood flooring or ceramic tile and used wood floor on the rest. Would something like that look good?

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Do you have any of the tile left over? You could just replace the cracked tile.


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I don't think it would look right with a wood border. And while I think I might have a box of tiles left, I'm not sure and even then, I don't know if it is enough to replace. I really need to replace the tile. I want to replace the tile, not because we are thinking of listing the house, but because I can't stand it. I just want to keep resale in mind when picking out a new floor choice. I don't want to spend a fortune on the floors, but I also don't want something that will make resale difficult or lower our price or anything like that.

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I wouldn't do vinyl. You can buy perfectly nice looking durable ceramic tile at Home Depot or Lowes for $1/sf. Pick a matte finish neutral color that doesn't show every speck of dirt. The biggest expense will be the installation. I'm no tile expert, but if you don't have a firm base the floor will flex and cause your tiles to crack, so choosing a good quality contractor is more important the choosing a good quality tile!

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Idrive is right. A good tile guy will put down mesh wire under the tile to keep the tile from cracking on floors that flex. (Typically plywood). Changing flooring is one of the easiest ways to update your house. Since this is at your entry and in your kitchen, I think its pretty important that it be replaced. Buy something neutral with no pattern if you are thinking about selling the home in the spring. Do it now for yourself, you might as well get to enjoy it for a little while instead of making the changes just to sell the house!

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If you are selling you house, you have to toss out the idea of making changes because you "can't stand it." From this point on, it isn't personal - it's business.

If you have cracked tiles, replace them. Do not spend thousands of dollars ripping up a 3 year old floor. You will recover about 0% of the money you spend this way.

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Leave it the way it is. If the flooring is noticeably defective and not simply ugly (to your taste), you can offer a flooring allowance with the sale.

Whatever you install, it might be something a potential buyer hates and will want to rip out anyway.

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