I did it. I listed the house today.

suz1023January 8, 2013

with the local william keller agency, as they've got a very visible marketing program i've been noticing for the past few years.
the listing price isn't what we had hoped for, but will still enable us to move to a waterfront property with a much smaller mortgage, my husband's retirement goal.
we know where we want to be and i'll be interviewing agents to help me buy soon.

i'm hoping for a remodel so i can build a master bdrm just like the one i have here.

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Good luck to you! Even though you know that you are moving to where you want to be, it is still pretty nerve wracking, huh? I'll be in your position soon and I keep going between wanting a move in ready JUST like I like it vs. a lower budget home screaming for a little TLC so I really can make it JUST like I like it. I think the latter is far more realistic!

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well it's a month later and it's all too real now!
the new countertops were delivered yesterday in the snowstorm and my carpenter shows up monday for installation and to help me move all this furniture and boxs into either the storage unit, goodwill or to the lady selling the excess on ebay for me.
whew it's a massive undertaking but i am taking the elephant dinner approach, one small bite at a time.

and we've been able to line up a camp for the summer right on the water so we realise we can spend winters somewhere else or traveling, which sounds wonderful right about now.
i may still find a home or home site i can't live without, but it's nice to have the choices we do all of a sudden!
staging and photo shoot on the 25th, i'll be back to show it off to you.

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double post

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