Extending existing granite counter for breakfast bar...?

july3feb2March 7, 2011

Hoping somebody on here can help.

I would like to add some depth to my penninsula countertop but due to many factors (including budget) I would prefer not to remove existing granite countertop but also do not want a raised bar.

I once saw a picture of a breakfast bar that was butted up to the bottom of the existing countertop (so about an inch or so lower) and was wondering if anybody has picks of this idea...or perhaps just slightly above existing counter.

My penninsula does house our sink if that makes a difference.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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I don't have pics - but my peninsula is granite and I have butting up against it a butcher block counter of 16" deep. It is dark stained maple against my giallo ornamentale granite. I have a corner sink and don't have any problems.
The wood counter is supported with shaker-style supports and is just slightly - 1/2" higher than the granite. Th

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Hi July3Feb2,

I have some images of two different materials to extend
or create more counter space.

Is this going the long way, width or the ends horizontal?
And what about having granite matched and cut to fit and
extend. If you have a granite like ubatuba, blue pearl,
one of the giallos sometimes you can match it. But this
is something you would have to live with if it did not
as it is hard to get a perfect match.

Another idea might be a working table that sits
flush with your counter. A bakers table of sorts.

Here are some images, maybe they can give you some ideas.

New England Stone Danby Marble

Covetable Designs

Devos Woodworking Oak Bar

Siena Kitchens

Spring Hill Farm

SS and Marble from Soma Stoneworks

Jennifer Gilmer Wood trim counter (extends)

Island Vignette from New England Stone

Walnut Island

Living Space Co.

New Venetian Gold

Renfrow from Design Solutions

Chadds Ford Blue Bell

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Sorry for the delay but thank you so much for your responses...esp the pics. I think I have fallen in love with that walnut island (the round one).
Our penninsula houses the only sink in our smallish 13x19 eat-in kitchen. I love our kitchen and we just completed our backsplash.
The penninsula separtes the work area from the eat-in area (13x10) and while I really needed a sizeable eating space for my young family (soon to be three boys under 5) I do wish I had some more counter space for working, eating and entertaining. I one day forsee giving up a full eating area as I do have an open concept floor plan with a dining room.
These pics are exactly what I was looking for. Our granite is a basic gialo ornamental (sp?) and I never considered the possibilty of butting up against the counter a different material all together.
Thanks once again!

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