Packing up house; a few questions.

susie100January 28, 2014

Okay the first one is kind of silly, I guess, but should I take the tension shower curtain rods from the bathrooms? Also, how much should I tip the movers. There will be 3 or 4 of them, for about one truckload (no appliances, not a huge amount of stuff) and things are going into storage. Is $25 each enough, or.......? Thank you.

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Did you buy the shower rods? Do you need them in the new place?

I'd leave them unless you need one in your new home. And even then, I'd leave one in the old place, so that the new occupants can take a shower that first day without having to run out and buy a shower rod. I think that shower rods are something that usually conveys--I've never moved into a place without them.

Tipping--I generally tip $20 per person. If they do something extra, like the time they had to bring a table in by the balcony because it wouldn't fit up the stairs, I tipped a bit more.

And I usually have disposable cups so the movers can get a drink of water. Surprisingly, they don't always bring their own drinks--I would have thought that given the nature of their job, they would get thirsty and they'd have something to drink with them, but usually they don't. Even though it's clear that the households they are moving will have all their glasses packed up. Some people provide soda or other drinks.

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Do not take the shower curtain rod. I had a seller do that to me once. They even unscrewed it from the wall. It made them look cheap among other things.

$25 is probably enough for a tip. We also provided bottled water, Gatorade and possibly soft drinks in a iced down cooler. We ordered pizza delivery for lunch for all the workers.

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Thanks for the hints; much appreciated.

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$25.00 is a good tip. We tipped them $20.00, but that was years ago. We also supplied coffee, muffins and doughnuts in the morning when they showed up each day. Just a little extra thank you for them. NancyLouise

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I don't recall how much we tipped for a longer distance (loaded up house one day, drove to new place that night and delivered the next day and pretty big move. I think my H gave the head mover a couple hundred dollars for three guys. That was twelve years ago.

I laughed about the shower curtain rods. We intended to leave all of them. One came down when I was packing. I never put it back up. One of the movers mentioned above grabbed it and put it on the truck. It was the only thing that was damaged. I felt a little bad about it for the buyers, but figured they got a good deal on the house so a $20 shower rod wasn't going to kill them.

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I left the shower rods and curtain, along with all the curtain rods. I think $25 dollars a piece is generous since they are not moving heavy appliances and you don't have a ton of stuff.

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I'm embarrassed. When we moved here 12 years ago from across the country, I didn't tip the movers. I had no idea I as supposed to. I hate it when that happens.

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