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VatoflJuly 22, 2012

I'm having the hardest time trying to find a good quality pool contractor in Sarasota. Most companies seem to be either BBB accredited, APSP members, or aquatech members but not some combination of the three, which strikes me as a little bit odd.

Naturally one begins to question which credential should take precedence...

These credentials have me concerned as we are embarking on a relatively complex project. We are building a new home with the main living level above the garage. So the infinity edge pool is going to have to be elevated to the main living level.

Pool companies are a dime a dozen here. Most of them specialize in basic "pool packages". So, It's really important that we find a quality contractor that won't botch our relatively complex job...

So what credentials does one look for in a pool contractor?

Thanks for any help!

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I would probably lean toward the APSP member. See what kind of educational standards that have achieved with the organization like their Certified Building Professional certification. The BBB is a pay for ratings system. I would not go by anything that organization has to say. Aquatech is a buying group that does have certain standards that they set for every builder but that still is no guarantee.

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Visit pools of varying ages, from in process to five years old, that the builder has made. Interview the homeowners.

APSP accredited Certified Building Professional helps. BBB is useless, IMHO.

Check for lawsuits.

Watch body language during discussions.

Compare apples to apples as much as you can. Construction practices and equipment brands and materials used are key areas.


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