Charlottesville, VA

Nita__AZApril 22, 2013

We traveled to Charlottesville, Virginia today. The flowers along the road were lovely.

Living in the desert we appreciate all the greenery.

Everybodys happy to see the campground at the end of a long day.

We met with Bob at what used to be the old Main Street, which they have blocked off and made it into a beautiful shopping plaza. I just loved how quaint it was with little shops and cafes.

We went into a pizza place and got drinks then sat outside to visit. The temp was a little cool and there was a breeze so it was chilly. We got to visit with Bob cville and had a nice time. He promised that if we come back he will cook dinner for us.

Bob cville, Nita AZ

Thanks Bob for taking the time to show us part of your beautiful city and visiting with us.

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love your updates, nita....we feel like we are traveling with you....:)

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Another appreciative reader/viewer here!

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I feel like I'm on vacation when I read your posts. I loved Charlottesville so it was nice to revisit with you.

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Nice to meet you, Bob! I'm glad you were able to spend some time with the KT Queen!!

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Very nice. I can't believe what good travelers your cats are. My cat used to go berserk in the car. A two block ride to the vet's office was a nightmare, with all kinds of strange yowling and clinging to the car seat.

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It was fun to meet you Nita. You picked the best possible time to see Charlottesville, with all of the redbuds and dogwoods in bloom. I hope the visit to Monticello the next day was enjoyable they work of the gardens there extensively and the grounds should be beautiful right now.


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