Anyone out there with Verde Borgogna granite?

IUalumMarch 8, 2012

I am considering Verde Borgogna in my kitchen. Does anyone have this granite or any experience with it? Thanks!

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Names vary from stone seller to stone seller, but we have a stone that our fabricator insisted was 'verde borgogna'. We bought from a yard that called it 'Autumn green quartzite' and saw similar at other yards under the both the names 'verde karzai' and 'verde borgogna'. We didn't see anything called 'verde fantastico' in the stone yards we went to, but that's another name our stone has been called. There was lots of variation in how these varigated green stones appear from stone yard to stone yard, and even from lot to lot within a yard and a single name. Some places considered them 'granites', some 'quartzites'.

Because our piece has so much movement and variation in stone, I consider it one of the more fragile types from a fissure perspective, especially since after fabrication, on the underside narrow laminated piece, some of the natural fissures did crack along them and you can just barely feel them with your fingernail on the underside of the overhang along the edge. Prior to fabrication none of the fissures would catch on a fingernail. Once glued to support (ours is, unusually, affixed to sheet steel) the natural fissures in the stone are no longer a worry. (BTW, ours is 2cm).

Here are some photos of ours, but our lighting and the reflected surfaces of our kitchen make it challenging to replicate well. It does make a luscious background for food photos, though!

Food (rotisseried pineapple):

Drink (Vanilla Gorilla from PDT Cocktail book):

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I too have it in my kitchen. Just on my island ( to help control costs!) I love it. We did our kitchen 2006 and still LOVE it! Mine looks very similar to the person who posted. I did see differences between slabs, some I didn't like at all, so make sure you see your slab and don't pick it from a small sample piece in a showroom.

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I have it in my kitchen as well. I just love it - love looking at it.

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Those are beautiful pics zartemis!

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I LOVE that stone, especially with cherry cabs. I agree with adpi4, though. I saw great variation between slabs at different places. You definitely want to pick an actually slab.

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