Vintagey lights that are short

GWloloMarch 1, 2013

Looks like we may have an issue with the lights I had purchased for the kitchen from schoolhouse electric. Any suggestion for a flush mount light that is short (7inches or less) and looks vintagey? I don't have cans in the kitchen ceiling and it is really important that I get some decent light here that wil, work on our low t&g wood ceilings.

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Fori is not pleased

Vintage 50s or vintage 20s? Or (please no) 80s?

You've checked out Rejuvenation, right? (They'll stick a CFL socket in almost anything!)

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Yes. Rejuvenation, school house etc. mostly have longer lights. 1940s, 20s.. Basically something that would fit our older kitchen vibe.

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Ha, I was just looking at this today! We're in the midst of rewiring (everything *but* the kitchen!) and some of the lights we planned to put back up have bad wiring, so hunting for the same thing (since all but one are unexciting and not worth rewiring). Rejuv has some that are shorter but they tend to be pricey (and not all that vintage-looking compared to the average big-box fixture). Schoolhouse doesn't really have anything in that vein at all. Have you tried Barnlight Electric? They have some that might work, depending on how short you need. If you find any, I'd love to know!

ETA: Oh, duh, I see where you noted the height you need. Try the Schoolhouse Otis 4" fitter fixture. This is what we almost got for our kitchen, and it will just squeak in at 7" or under if you use one of the short and squat 8" or 9" schoolhouse shades they sell.

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maybe you can use the same light but replace the shade with something shorter? i was looking for vintage shades to replace the ugly shades that come with the fluorescent lights we are forced to use for title24. lots of stuff on ebay.. search "art deco shades" for example..

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Last kitchen I found a good deal on ebay on vintage alabax fixtures. Schoolhouse sells these in black or white. My vintage ones are a bit more cream. That kitchen has 8 foot ceilings, and they're fine.

Here is a link that might be useful: porcelain fixtures

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If you have a Restore around, try them. Even ask for what is in back sitting around. I see a lot of options there for you.

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Circus Peanut

Old photo, but here's the Otis from Schoolhouse Electric, on 7'10" ceilings with a vintage glass shade from eBay. Worked great! If youre going vintage or vintage-y, be sure to get a fixture that can take a 150W bulb:

Have you checked eBay? Best source of such things.

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Lamps Plus? What type of finish? here are some random ones:

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This one is kinda cool. It's from Shades of Light

Here is a link that might be useful: flush mount

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I second the Otis fitter from Schoolhouse Electric, and we used the shortest shade of theirs that we could find. It is just about 7 inches total. We needed a light near our back door, but the 7'5" ceilings only allowed for a short fixture that the back door wouldn't swing into and smash.

We went with this shade: which was perfect. Shade is 4.75 inches tall, Otis fitter is 2" tall (I think) - and it is totally cute. The ruler makes it look a bit over 7" but that is the best perspective I could find.

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