Van Deusen Blue

vavavoomApril 10, 2009

I am torn.

I LOVE navy blue. it is my absolute favorite color. I am itching to paint my bedroom a dark blue (not navy, but somewhere between ink and navy.)

If I were going to do it, I would do it, i'm not a fan of accent walls. I would have crown molding and ceilings bright white, dark wood furniture and white bedding. I love the idea of it but am scared it is going to be too dark.

Our painters will be using BM. I realy like the Van Deusen Blue. Does anyone have experience with a whole room being painted this color? Especially a bedroom?

I also have my eye on blueberry and NY sate of mind. i know if i'm going to do this, i have to get it right!

Any advice or pictures would be great. (btw, i'm planning grays with brown undertones for much of the house.)


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Well, this is your lucky day! My DD's bedroom is painted Van Deusen Blue. We love it. Even painted the ceilings. My builder thought I was crazy, but it looks great. I have no pics of the room with furniture because it is so messy all the time. But, there is an off-white sofa in there, a white marble topped coffee table, a few black accent pieces, white shaded lamps and white/green bedding. All the trim is bright white.

The window faces east and she has two south-facing skylights, so the room is bright during the day. At night, it is cozy yet moody and brooding...just right for a teenager! :-)

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Amysrq, that looks beautiful!!

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Here's our master bedroom. It's Van Deusen blue with a faux finish. Ceiling is blue too. I decorated this room in 2001 and still really like it.

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Another VD blue ceiling!! Amazing. :-)

Vavavoom, even if you don't use the blue for the ceiling (a big commitment) I don't think a bright white ceiling is the way to go. My advice would be to use a color with less contrast...still a "white" if you want, but not bright. Maybe a taupe or a pale gray, depending on what else is in the room.

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We used a somewhat similar color from Lowes in the foyer of our last house. We did exactly what Amy said and used a light grey to offset the white trim everywhere.

Not sure how well they grey is showing up. I think it will depend on the monitor.

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thanks everyone! your rooms look great!

Just out of curiousity (i'm new at this) why would you not do a white ceiling?

thank again!

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Amy, your daughter's room is gorgeous! Hope she likes it as much as I do!

Leann, your bedroom is very pretty too!

Boopa, wow, love the gray ceiling with your walls, & your art is showcased so beautifully against that deep blue shade.

Vavavoom, if I understand correctly, I think Amy & others recommend a gray or other-than-white ceiling to soften the contrast. A big expanse of white (on the ceiling) next to those deep blue walls could seem a bit garish & harsh.

You certainly lucked out with inspiration photos! Have fun painting!

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Like stinky said. :-)

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