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upsideofdownJuly 10, 2010

I must say this site has been soo helpful for us since we decided to put a pool in. I'll post pictures as it progresses, but unfortunately we are on going into week 4 of DIGGING!!! We live in Central Texas, so of course there is a lot of rock. They ran into a shelf of rock and our yard isn't big enough or have the access for a back hoe; so it's just a bobcat going at it for 8-9 hrs a day :(

They are about 8-12" away, so hopefully no more than 4 days more of digging!

We have a smaller yard, so pool and spa won't be too big either. We finally made some decisions today, thanks to this site!!

Style: Freeform with sun deck (small for little ones) and hot tub

Coping: Oklahoma Stone coping: Santa Fe color (another place called it taupe)

Tile: just has a code, no name - will post pict of that soon!

Interior: Sunstone Pearl - Black Pearl

System: Chlorine. Just changed our mind from Salt to Chlorine today - hard decision and so hard to find compelling reason to use one or the other -ugh!

Hmmmm - how to insert pictures???

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Can't figure out how to embed a picture in the gallery or forum section, but here's a link to our website w/ the picts!

Here is a link that might be useful: Pool progress

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Most use to post pics. The account is free. After you make your album and post your pix to it, each pic has a box with 4 html code choices. You want to copy the third option's and paste it this message box, one pic per line please.


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Thanks Scott!

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4 weeks later.......the guy out there digging says he will finish today and re-form it so that they can start the rebar on Monday!!! Keeping my fingers crossed! My son has had a blast going out there each night after they finish and collecting some really pretty rocks and quartz! I think we might use some to decorate with!!!

Will post more picts once it looks a bit different :)

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Congrats! But 4 Weeks of digging--holy moly! I wonder what that excavation bill looks like.

What's the name of the rock on your patio? Looks like an interesting mixture--almost like a quilt.

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Oh soooo close! Pool is finished being dug, just about a foot to go for the hot tub!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

rice_rocket: luckily the excavation cost is the same whether they hit lots of rock or not!!! We moved into our house about a year ago and the deck was already there. It looks like it has some OK Flagstone in peach buff and then a more neutral color as well. We're not big fans of all the peach and selected a OK flagstone w/out as much peach for the coping.

Here's ALL that thick rock! We did get a few big ones that we'll put around the fountain or around the yard for decoration.

Here it is facing the house. We don't have a very big yard, so it's mostly pool. About 1/3 of yard is still there for kiddos to play in!

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We live in central TX and ours took 4 weeks also. Rock was 4-6 feet deep but under only 6" of dirt! Good luck.

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Digging is FINALLY done! 4.5 weeks later :-) Frustrating, but we are blessed to have our health! Big scheme - who cares if took this long to dig a darn pool! Hoping that everything goes quickly and smoothly from here!

QUESTION: We will be out of town around the time they are to finish. I am thinking we should wait to fill w/ water since we won't be here to brush it everyday for 2 weeks. Is that right or just don't even spray the plaster till we get back in town?

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Don't do it till your back, you don't want it done and not filled with water, it will crack, Michelle

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My god, 4 weeks is insane, mine cost an extra $2,000 for one and a half days of rock time, I can't imagine what that cost you.

Looks like they were using a Bobcat, should of used a big excavator switching off between a pick and a bucket, would have gone quicker.

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Mind sharing the company you went with? I'm currently researching pool companies. We live in Round Rock, TX and I needed to jack hammer to plant rose bushes.

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gawebber: They couldn't get a back hoe into our backyard (too small) so we had no choice but to stick w/ the bobcat. Luckily we made sure they didn't charge extra if (when) they hit rock or if it took longer! No extra cost, just time :)

mommyofthree: we are using Sun Springs Pools. I'm not sure the name of the excavators he contracts with, but uses them all the time. You can call Ramon at Sun SPrings and ask him: 512.947.0768. Good Luck!

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Michelle 16 - did you do a small tile or anything near the steps to help identify where the steps are? If so, what color did you use? Trying to figure out what color will pop agains the Black Pearl, but not look too out of place! Thanks!

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Yes, tile trim on all steps, if you zoom in on my pictures where pool has no water you can see color well, but it is NPT-cobalto-sierra mountain series, if you want to look it up under NPT's website, it's tan and gry with reddish brown, looks very natural with earth tone boulder waterfall I have, not sure if you got my other post on the tile, but it helps if returns aren't too close to steps, because with the strong flow it is hardesr to see the stepps for your daughter,, so maybe you make sure returns aren't too close to the steps! Michelle

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Plumbing was done on Monday, passed inspection, but due to rain cannot do gunite until Tuesday :( Then we will be on vacation about the time they could do the plaster, but will wait until we return to do that last step. Getting closer!

The hot tub will be 360 degree seating - thanks to your inputs!!!

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Wow - 2.5 months later, we have a pool to swim in! 34 days of digging was the worst!!!

Here are some picts!

We chose a safety fence from Katch A Kid and are so happy with it! It blocks the pool area off from the kids' play area. They can go out the back door and to play area w/out being around the pool. We were worried that it would look too obstructive, but not at all!

Kids and Grammy:

Our mini sun deck (girls' play area)

The fountain didn't turn out like we had hoped, so this is the 2nd version of it. Much better than the 1st attempt, but wondering how we can make it look a bit more natural...

We are so pleased with our choice of plaster. We did end up going with the Sunstone Pearl finish in Black Pearl. This scrubbing business is such a knuckle buster, so glad there is only 1 more week of that!!!

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Pool looks great - good to see the fencing up with little ones.

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so glad your all done, glad you went with the black pearl, how do u like it? I can't believe how different our water colors look though! Don't you think? mine is so much darker, does yours appear darker in person, or is that the true color? I really like it though!Wish mine was a hair lighter sometimes, so that looks perfect! What tile did u choose? I know u were concerned with the steps, did u get any streaking or did the brushing take care of it? Michelle

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We are sooo glad it's done too! We are very happy with the Black Pearl - we are only on week 1 of brushing, so I do think it will get a bit darker. You can see darker areas where the Black Pearl is showing through more, so have to keep brushing that excess plaster off.

The tile is a beige-ish color with a bit of a shimmer to it.

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