Bonaventure Cemetery Savannah Georgia

Nita__AZApril 13, 2013

On day 2 in Savannah we went to the Bonaventure Cemetery. There are some very old graves there with huge monuments on them. It was interesting to see the different statues. Not too many flowers blooming yet but lots of flowering bushes throughout the cemetery. We only saw a very small part since there are hundreds of acres.

I thought this one was strange. All this concrete and a gate with no fence.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bonaventure Cemetery

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You can literally spend HOURS wandering that hallowed ground. It's simply amazing, thanks for the pictures.

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Cemeteries--especially old ones--are great to visit. Really enjoyed the pictures! Thanks.

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I too love old cemeteries and hope to see a lot of them on this trip.

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This is a bench on the grave site of Johnny Mercer, the composer who is buried in Bonaventure Cemetery. I visited there about 10 yrs ago. Savannah is a beautiful city.

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