Salt or chlorine pool?

jenspenceJuly 12, 2013

We are in the process of trying to select our pool builder and design, but something we are getting very mixed reviews on is the type sanitation system. If you've put in a pool with salt or chlorination (with Ozone or without) I would love to know why you decided the way you did. Also, if you've had a pool for a while and have anything to add, positive or negative regarding either type, I would love to hear from you. We can't decide which way to go! We have 2 kids, ages 8 & 11, if that makes any difference. Please help!

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I don't recommend ozone. Essentially it'll "kill" the organics as they pass through the ozone module. But there's no residual sanitation in your main body of water.

If you do use ozone, you'll still need a SWG or liquid/tab chlorine.

There's a pretty good split between those that prefer a SWG and those that like liquid chlorine. I've been a LC guy for years and almost converted to a SWG about 3 years ago and again this last year when I added some automation, but I just never pulled the trigger.

I don't think you'll go wrong with ether a SWG or with liquid chlorine. But you'll be making a big mistake if you go with just an ozone generator by itself.

If I was building another pool today, I'd probably design it with a SWG in mind. Especially if I had little kids. If you go with a SWG, it's better to oversize the module than to under- or right-size it. Just my recommendation. You'll still need LC for shocking, etc.

Just my opinion.

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We just completed our pool this summer and we have a salt system to make the chlorine. So far, we've been very pleased...water is "softer" and easier on the eyes and bathing suits. After the initial startup, we haven't had to add any additional salt and have only had to use chlorine to shock.

One of the negatives I've heard is that the salt cell only lasts three to five years.

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If you are planning an automatic cover salt might not be your best option. Our cover's mechanisms were corroded by the salt and our grass and nearby plants were also damaged by the salt. The water is lovely tho.

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In my area, there is no split between salt and chlorine. Everyone wants salt. My PB (and several of the many I interviewed) only build salt. Everyone I know (including my neighbors) who has chlorine is just waiting for the opportunity ($ and/or pool remodeling) to convert to salt.
The non-stop rain for the past month really bites the chlorine folks in the wallet.
Example: This weekend with no measurable chlorine left in the pool, I just spent $65 for 2 bags of salt, alkaline and salt shock. Also had to add stuff I already had on hand - stabilizer and phosphate remover (we have reclaimed water in our neighborhood), brushed, ran the pump for 12 hours, and the pool is back in balance and looks beautiful. We were swimming within 4 hours to cool off after a day of chores. This is the most work I've done all year.
My neighbor spent $100 for chlorine and I don't know what else to get his pool going again. Not sure if they've been swimming yet, but usually with chlorine pools you're out for 12-24 hours after shock.
So maintenance is a big factor, cost perhaps, too.
We live on a salt-water canal and use reclaimed water, and have no more than usual issues with landscaping and metal parts on everything. I do have to polish the hand-rail once a year to keep it untarnished. The phosphates from the reclaimed is the toughest problem we have so far.
The biggest thing is how lovely the water feels on your skin and in your eyes. No problem opening your eyes under water. We never smell chemicals at all, and enjoyment of the pool is the biggest factor.
Can you tell we love our pool?

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