Baby shower quilts

loisflanMarch 8, 2012

I am just finishing a stack and whack baby quilt for a shower. I don't know the name of the baby or even its gender. How do you label a quilt in this situation, or don't you? This is for the daughter of a good friend of mine, but she lives out of state, and I really don't know her well. Asking for the quilt's return after the baby's birth doesn't seem feasible. Thanks for your suggestions.

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Maybe something like for a sweet little angel

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Here are some ideas assuming the parents are named John and Jane Smith.

1. Made especially for John and Jane's first baby

2. Made especially for Baby Smith

3. Welcome Baby Smith

4. May you always be wrapped in your parents' love

5. This quilt of many colors was made with love and joy,
I hope it helps to welcome your precious girl or boy.

Use it during playtime or when they go to sleep,
Use it when you cuddle them, the chill away to keep.

Wrap this quilt around them when on an outing you go,
This quilt was given to be used, not just made for show.

And as mother, children can make a mess I know,
If the quilt gets dirty, in the washing machine it can go.
-Author Unknown

6. The best kind of sleep
Beneath Heaven above,
Is under a quilt handmade with love...

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I always use the last name for instance:made for sweet angel Baby Nelson.

I am did make a quilt once and used the baby's name and at the last minute they changed the name (decided to name the baby after a relative's death).

Also, my nephew gave me the wrong spelling of his own baby lol!!!!


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I don't think using the name is wise. Last year I made a lovily quilt for my GGD to be with her name appliqued on it--------she was still born. It was very painful for me as I had already given it to the parents. I decided I would either wait and not do that again.

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Oh, Nanajayne, that is so sad! My condolences.

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Jayne, I remember that very sad time, and the pretty quilt you made. Sharing this again - reminding us that adding a baby's name early may not be the best idea, is appreciated.

For the label, I would keep it simple:

Made with Love by (your name)
City and state
year completed

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Thanks, Ladies, for the suggestions. I'm sorry for your loss, Jayne. How incredibly sad that must have been for your family. Lois

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