RatherbgardeningJuly 12, 2011

Have any of you used this business, and if so, were they reliable? Thanks. I'll continue to look for a site that rates websites too.

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Also Thanks!

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As for, I have sent people there, no problems for them. Others have used them happily on the other forums I frequent.

No experience with . What are you looking for?


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I have had good experience with Quick delivery as I recall.

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I'm looking for a solar cover, of course. ;) Sorry, I couldn't resist. Thanks for your replies. Now I need to decide on blue or clear. I've read some discussions on it here, but nothing to really steer me one way or the other. Is the thicker one apt to be too heavy to remove and put back on manually on an AG pool? It's 16 Mil. Any cover I'd get would be wider than our pool too, but I wouldn't think that would be much of a problem. It would help keep out debris that ends up in it from the trees around us. We have a Splash pool, so they sell their own sizes, but it costs more than the solarcovers site does and we don't want to spend a lot since we'll only have it another year or 2. Thanks for your help.

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Thicker is heavier and more cumbersome to remove. We get about 3 years out of a cover, and have found the 12 mil clear to be good. Lets in more light to hit the darker liner. I am sure I will get some comments saying that isn't possible, but we have found it to be true. Last week, here in central PA, the pool was in the 90's! We had a thicker blue one before, and definitely prefer the clear.

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Thanks everyone! I got their clear 12 mil, so we'll see if it makes a difference. It's a different material than the one we get from Splash pools, stiffer and crisper, or maybe it's just thicker. My only complaint about it is that we have to cover it when it's off the pool. No problem if it was on a reel, but ours is folded on the ground. We had a reel, but it was harder to use and the bar would sag.

Now I have a solar heater in the makings. It's getting close to being done. I'm using the black tubing on plywood painted black and it will be enclosed with greenhouse material on the front to keep the air around it warmer. Does anyone know if the coupling for connecting the ends of the tubing has to be glued? It's a very tight fit as it is, so it doesn't seem that it would.


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After using the clear cover for about a week, we found that it heats the pool much better than the blue. We had highs in the low 80s, with most days right around 80 and lows in the low 60s, but the pool was around 80 every day. It may be the thickness too since I don't know what our blue one was, but we never had it warm up that much before until it got in the upper 80s and the nights were a little warmer. We won't need to solar heater if its 80 or more. I sure thought we would based on past history. I wish I had known about the clear ones years ago!

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