Quilters Slidelock?

bee0hioMarch 30, 2013

Just when you think there could not be another tool invention......

It keeps your ruler from sliding as you rotary cut.
This looks very interesting & appealing to me. Does anyone have one or any experience with one? I haven't yet googled to find out cost & where to purchase.

Here is a link that might be useful: Video demo of Quilters Slidelock

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I quite like the idea of it, but I see a problem already... I'm right hand dominate and I usually hold the ruler with my left hand and cut with my right... If I tried to hold the slide lock down with my right hand and operate the rotary cutter with left, I'd probably cut into the strips.... I guess I could flip things around to alleviate that problem, but I'm so used to doing it the other way...

The silicone dots on the ruler and the spider walk really help with preventing slippage, but this tool does seem intriguing....

Here's a link to the web site with pricing info.... not as bad as I thought as I figured they'd be wanting 50 bucks for the big one.... and they are made in the USA...

Here is a link that might be useful: Slide Lock web site pricing page

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I do not have one or any experience with it and personally, cannot see any advantage to using it. I'm getting more and more picky about 'gadgets' I spend money on. But, that's just me. :-)


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No, not for me.

I really don't have any trouble cutting accurate strips just using the rotary cutter and a 6x24" ruler. Using two rulers to get the benefit of a bit of care in cutting - no. I'd never spend the money on this.

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I use the little grippy dots on my rulers and they work great. I do love gadgets but for me, one more gadget is one more thing for me to misplace in the chaos of my sewing room.

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I wouldn't mind having one. My straight edges are like greased lightening, and yeah......I've ruined more than one cut with them slipping. I imagine this tool is mucho expensive, however. Anything with the word quilt on it is. LOL.

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Well, I could definitely see myself using one of these. A little pricey but if Michael's had them and I could use a 40% off coupon, that would be good. Her method of cutting is exactly as I was taught in my beginner quilting program, that is by using 2 rulers and cutting from the right-hand edge. It is particulary useful when your fabric edge is longer than your ruler as she demonstrates in the second part of the video and you can run the short ruler along the edge of the ruler marking your cutting line to check for accuracy. My cutting has improved a lot over the years, but with accuracy being so important for precise piecing, I do see this as being useful. The demonstration cutting several strips, however, did not impress me. I never use my cutting board lines, only those on my ruler. Again, all because of my beginning instructor. On the odd occasion when I've thought about it, I've found that it was very difficult to line up fabric with the board lines. Also when she brings her ruler over to measure just before cutting, I think it would be easy for one of those strips to move ever so slightly. I guess we all do what we're comfortable with. None of the quilting magazines or books that I look at demonstrate cutting in the way that I do it. It is always shown from the left hand edge, but it works for me, so I'll continue to use this method which many of my fellow quilters find odd. Anyone else out there that uses the 2 ruler mehod??

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This morning I used my shape cutter ruler. That seems to give nice straight strips.

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I want one of both size. :-) I like how she demonstrated cutting with the rulers, it makes sense to me the way she showed how to do it. I currently have thick rubber dots every 6 inches on my long rulers to keep from them from slipping, but sometimes it creates a sag point in between the thick rubber dots and does not lend to a truly accurate straight cut. And ergonomically speaking I think it would be great to have a handle on top of a ruler. :-) Now all they need to make are handles like the ones shown in the video with suctions cups running on the bottom of it that way I could use it on my existing rulers - now that would be something I would really buy and keep and use long term.

Best to you,

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Not a gadget that I would spend my money on. I have little sandpaper discs glued under my rulers and these keep them from sliding around and are certainly a lot cheaper than this gadget.

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The slide lock takes alot of time! and space! and of course $.
And where would you store it???

Linda-I do use the 2 ruler method to square the edge for the first cut. It allows a sliver of waste to be cut off the crooked edge because the wider ruler has been lined up and squared on the majority of the fabric.

Theresa-I used my shape cut ruler the other day - and love it.

I think a better 'investment' is to buy a Creative Grids ruler-the grip is built into the finish of the ruler. I am slowly replacing my slippery rulers with the Creative Grids.

Bonnie Hunter posted a tip a few days ago she got from one of her workshops to use 3M transparent Nexcare bandage tape on the back of the rulers. Readily available product and you can see the markings on the ruler. I am going to try it, but first I have to remember to buy it!

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Wow. Just got back and saw this. It is a tool invented by a couple in a small town up on the Umpqua River in Oregon where my family comes from. Lovely people. He got his patent and they take it to shows. Some of the local shops on the Oregon coast have it but otherwise it is only in shows. I visited with them on a trip home when I saw them at a show. Wife a quilter, husband a workshop tinkerer. Production is small so unless they farm it out to China, you won't ever see it in a Michaels. And even at that price, he's not getting much for his time as they are (or were) all hand made.

I tried them and it's a useful "gadget" if you have trouble holding things, like having arthritis in your hands. It has a place.

Otherwise I get by with all the many gadgets I already have.

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