Cost of Gunite Pool in Central NJ

jh5562July 9, 2008

Look for preliminary costs on the following. Can anyone give me any ballpark figure.

15 by 30 figure 8 or similiar freeform gunite pool. Not trying to break the bank. going pretty basic...just dont like the look of vinyls, our yard has lots of trees so we want to make it blend in. looking to do kooldecking, 3 foot perimeter and a little patio area by the pool for a table and chairs and a lounge chair or 2 to work with our current patio. going for a DE filter, simple lighting. steps and maybe a small shelf (not sure what its called)at the other end of the pool to sit and relax (nothing to big). will add excitement and atmosphere with landscaping and lighting which we dont have to do right away. Any idea on costs???

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We also live in Central NJ and we just went swimming for the first time in our NEW pool this past weekend (see my post a little further down this page to see pictures).

There are a lot of other things you'll need to factor into the price based on what you are looking for but I'll share my quote below so you can get an idea... our pool is larger than what you noted but we found that adding 1 square foot equaled approx $10. So, this could help you calculate different sq. footage.

750 sq ft free form gunite pool (3 1/2 ft - 6 1/2 ft depth)

Building permits, structural plans & topographical survey
Excavation, removal of soil and or grade around pool area
Safety construction fence
Concrete Shell with 'lifetime structural guarantee' 4000 PSI
6" band of frost proof tile
White marble interior finish
Four shallow end steps
Custom built swim out love seat
2 HP DE 60 Jandy filter
Energy Saving time clock
1 surface skimmer, safety suction main drain, 2 directional inlets (all 2" PVC pipe)
1 500 watt pool light
Saftey ropes, floats with recessed hooks
Leaf net, backwash hose, pole, vac head, brush, test kit, thermometer
3 ft concrete walkway around entire pool
50 sq foot thermal ledge
Bluestone 12" coping
Polaris 280 w/ booster pump
400,000 BTU Heater

Electric up to 150' ($5 each additional ft)
Gas up to 40' ($10 each additional ft)

The quote for everything listed above was $38,000

Hope that helps give you an idea!

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Congrats! im jealous. thanks for the information. where exactly are the pics located, im interested in seeing them. We live in the jackson area, what builder did you use? i was estimating about 40,000-45,000 with light landscaping and fencing, i guess im in the ballpark. curious though to see yours finished.

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We used Swim Mor .. we are having a quite a few start up challenges with them and there were definitely some bumps along the way with scheduling & delays etc..(in my opinion their inside scheduling team is horrible and sometimes rude) But, for the most part we are happy with the final outcome.

Keep in mind that there will most likely be a good amount of additional costs.. All in we are paying far more than the quote I put above. We wound up owing extra for more electrical footage & more gas footage plus a $6000 fence, plus a lot of extra concrete (our choice), plus additional fill to grade our backyard (we didn't even realize it was so uneven until the pool went in). And, this price also doesn't include a cover (which we are estimating at another $2500!

Good luck with your decision!

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to my other post w/ pics

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jh5562~ I think you could be in the ballpark of $60k with everything if you are good at sticking to a
Mrs_mack is right about the additions... fence, extra concrete (you will want more then you think), landscaping, lighting, chemicals, pool furniture..floats.. etc.

We spent way more then we had planned... our original pool quote was $38k too, but after all the extra goodies I added it would up at $55k just for the pool. Just be prepared... We too are in the Jackson area... our pool was just completed in May..? Seems so long ago I don't know how to link my post with progress pics, but you can find it by doing a search on moocat I believe..

Good luck !!

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Thanks for the feedback. love both of your pools, who did you use as the builder moocat? Did either of you guys look into vinyl and do a price comparasion. why did you go with gunite? i never like vinyl i think they look so cheap...but my neighbor just put one in and the way they build them now they much nicer. my husband worked for a gunite pool co when he was in high school and just grew to love them as well as we want to go with something that blends into the yard. plus he knows how to maintain very well. were looking to go with the darker colored water....

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moocat, what kind of decking did you go with, thats something we want to go with then straight concrete, was it expensive?

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Was I told correctly that these can't be put in in areas where there are hash winters , Like Syracuse NY where it goes into the single digits in winter.

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I build both Vinyl and Gunite pools and on average the cost of vinyl construction costs about $40 - $45 per square foot and gunite starts around $65. Both can be built in any location or climate.

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Unless the ground is frozen and or snow covered or in the rain or in the cold. No Njpoolguy, you can't build an out door pool in the Winter.

Can a pool survive once built, in a harsh Winter climate like Syracuse? Sure. Properly winterized, a pool and it's equipment will survive just fine. Does it matter whether it's an in ground gunite, vinyl liner or fiberglass or an above ground pool? Nope.


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