QOTD 3/25/11 - Does is become automatic?

msmeowMarch 25, 2011

So, do you find the longer you quilt, the less you have to think about some things? Like, "If I want a 9" nine-patch I need 3-1/2" squares." Or do you stil have to stop and do the math?

I'm working on a top and I'm putting 4-patch cornerstones in the sashing. They need to be 2" finished. I realized that I had automatically thought that I need 1-1/2" squares, then I went back to EQ to make sure I was right!


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Sorry, it's not automatic for me. I've quilted a long time and I still have to think a bit, sometimes drag out a pencil and paper. I have EQ7 but still love my pencil and graph paper pad.

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Some things are automatic, like cutting, piecing, machine applique on the right setting, etc. But I still do the math (with the calculator and all the help I can get) to figure and add up the size of a quilt top that includes sashing and borders. The mentally adding the 1/2 inch comes to me mostly automatically now.


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Adding the seam allowance comes automatically to me now. I have found that other things that I had to look up are now automatic too, such as mitering binding corners and joining the beginning and end of the binding with a miter.
Linda OH

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I don't think anything comes auto to me lol!!!! I really have to spend more time on my EQ7 to learn it. At this point I am better at drawing it out rather draw than use the EQ, so why did I buy it???? I am going to learn all about it this summer when it is just way too hot to do anything outside.

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Most of it is automatic - but I still check myself because I do not want to goof up on fabric that I may have bought and paid good bucks for.

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I have to figure things out, but I have more skills to do that with. The thing that amazes me is how many things I merely stumbled on to the right measurement for - like when I made the stained glass block that Jinny Beyer uses for her logo - I just played around with the strips that were cut at an angle until I found what worked. Now I know that they had to be a 45 degree angle!

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I'm OK with just adding the seam allowance, but other than that I struggle, especially figuring out the backing. I'll get it right but I have to figure it at least 3 times because I'm afraid I'll screw up and get under the amount at the fabric store. Math skills aren't one of my talents.

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It's mostly automatic for me. Certainly adding seam allowances and counting up the sashing measurements are.

But I, too, think carefully about the backing if it's going to be pieced, and often graph it out on paper to see which sort of piecing will work best - horizontal or vertical seams.

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I'm math challenged and never learned a lot of the terminology so when reading various degrees and triangles in patterns, I'm stumped. Show me a picture and I'm ok. @:)

Other than that, it's mostly automatic for me, too.


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I'm often amazed how much I actually do know each time I'm set a new task to do. I'm currently making a baby's cot quilt just from a photo. So I worked out the measurements myself so 3 little squares will equal 1 large square, allowing for seams.
The large square is 5", which ends up 4 1/2" after seams
3 x 2" small squares is 6",which ends up 4 1/2" after seams.
Will post a photo when its finished. The baby is due in April so have to get it done fast!


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I'm from the school... 'measure twice, cut once' so even if it comes automatically, I do the math to be sure. I KNOW for a fact that the first time I don't do that, I'll have made some silly error.


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Well, I haven't quilted that long, or made that much progress, but I think I can say with certainty that math, in any form, will never be automatic for me. :(

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