worried about size of shallow end

havinanotherin2010July 20, 2011

Okay, I'm a worrier, especially when there's a big project like this going on. We are putting in a pool and should be filling it up sometime next week. I have a couple of questions for those of you who have pools...

1. We went and visited a few pools before this project and one had a large tanning ledge that the family just raved over, it was 10x10 or so and they said they spend a lot of time there. So, we decided to do a ledge (9x10 approx) and jutted it out from the pool as much as possible. We have a little one and a dog (plus me and lots of neighbor friends and their dogs!)that I'm sure will spend a lot of time there but I'm worried that we won't have enough shallow when our little one gets older and wants to swim in very shallow (3 1/2) water, and for playing in. Anybody have a ledge that they love?? reasons why?? We added 2 bubblers and an umbrella sleeve and I'm hoping we will love it, really hoping!!

2. Because of the large ledge we only have an area approx. 10' long and 20' wide of flat shallow area. The pb said that this was plenty of play area (this is a diving pool)Anybody have an area like this that's sufficient for play? Where's the most time spent in your pools??

Thanks for any words of encouragement!!!! It's a done deal now but want to be excited instead of worrying so much...

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Hello fellow worrier.

I think you have plenty of shallow end. Our shelves are similar in size - mine is roiughly 8" deep with 2 bubblers. Babies and toddlers love it. However, the preteen and teen set love the deep end. They rarely use the shallow. We really don't have a shallow end - my pool is 4' - 8.5. The adults just hang onto noodles and float wherever the wind takes them and their margaritas.

Remember that if you plan on staying in your home, your little one is going to be big for alot longer than he will be little. Did that make sense? By the time he is 5 or 6, he's going to want to be jumping in the deep end. Over and over and over....

And a 10x20' area is plenty of room to throw a ball back and forth or have a gane of volleyball. Honestly, the kids who visit our pool, their feet hardly ever touch the bottom anyway so we don't miss a shallow-shallow end at all.

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Fellow worrier, don't worry. Our Spool (Social Pool) is 10 x 20 and depth is 3.5 ft to 4ft 10 inches. We had a small party @ 48 people last weekend and had 25 people in the pool with lots more room for probably another 15 more people. The ages ranged from 3 yrs(my grandboy) to 63 years old. Everyone always has a great time in the pool. Some even played volley ball. See pics

Volley ball played with 6 people

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Thanks for the encouraging words!!!

Banana fanna: I'm glad to know someone with a similar plan that works well for them. :) Our pool is approximately 20x41(modified pear shaped?)and the depth of water in the shelf is 12". Just wanted plenty of everything ya know? I'm definitely a worrier... Do others besides the little ones like your ledge? Did you do chairs or anything in it? I'm looking for things like that now. Any suggestions?

brentr: I love the pictures of everyone enjoying your beautiful pool! I'm thrilled that so many people can enjoy that size area and play games in it too. Thanks for posting the pictures.

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