In Regards to Closing: When is it a done deal?

stina44January 31, 2014

Hello everyone! I tried to post this once but I'm not sure if it did actually post. I'm new to posting in the forum, but have lurked for a while. This is probably a stupid question but here goes! We just closed on our house today. Everyone signed everything, we were given the keys. Is it over now? Can we start doing all the things that they told us not to do before we were done with the process? For example, we want to go ahead and buy new furniture and stuff that might change our credit. Can they still come back and say Just kidding we found a problem and we can't complete this. Or is it no take-sies back-sies now? I know I'm probably just second guessing at this point but this house was a hard win and I don't want to jeopardize it in any way. I'm also a first time home buyer so this is my first time with any of this. Thanks!

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Sounds like you are completely closed. Congratulations!

Feel free to start furnishing your new home, remembering you need to make those mortgage payments on time.


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Thanks for the feedback maddielee! We are over the moon excited! I'm stuck at work now, had to go straight after closing. I can't wait to be done so I can go spend time in the new house! lol And yes you're right, we will need to make sure to get those mortgage payments in on time each month! We have a budget so I feel good about it. Thanks again!

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Don't know what other's think, but the very first thing after closing, I bought all new door hardware (knobs/levers) and locks, had them all keyed alike, and daughter installed them all right away. Felt all secure! Congratulations on your new home!

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If you are a bit unsure, you might wait a week or so until all the documents are recorded. Also watch for sales, and maybe you can put items on layaway. Congraulaton! What you think you really really like for your new home may not be something you like in about a month or so. Take a deep breath and look around. You will be happier in the long one. How do I know. Been there and done that twice. Wish I had waited.

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