Cleaning Utensils - Do I need these?

coopnsJuly 5, 2013

Above ground 18 foot from Namco. They sold me a number of addons...
ZapVac robotic cleaner
Cleaning devices

Should I keep those cleaning utensils? Any thought on the ZapVac?

How often should I scrub and do you scrub both side and bottom? They sold me 3 different attachments.

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Depending on how leafy your surroundings are, you will want a robot. I have an in-ground pool in a leafy, windy area and we run our robot usually once a day, sometimes more if it's been windy and we are in leaf-drop season. During the summertime, like now, we might go a few days between cycles for our robot, if it's not too windy.

I cannot comment on your specific tools, but likely you will need to skim daily (for us takes about 5-10 min), brush weekly (takes us about 30 min), and run the vac as needed. We have a very large pool so I would imagine your times needed would be less. I'd encourage you to look at trouble free pool dot com and they have lots of info on maintenance schedules and maintaining your chemical balance. It's a lot easier and less effort and time to keep a nicely-balanced pool clean!

Oh, on your skimming attachment - we've found that style doesn't work as well for us, again with a lot of leaves around, and we use one called a "leaf rake" with a very fine mesh that claims to "polish" the water. I don't know that it polishes, but it does lift pollen off the surface of the water which is swell. Good luck!

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