Outdoor Shower and 'Outdoor' Bathroom Pics

thejimbarJuly 13, 2008

Here are the photos of my latest projects.

The outdoor shower / footwash is attached to our pool cabana. It's worked out great for the whole family, we are all using it every day to shower. The water heater is an Eccotemp L5, works like a charm, unlimited hot water, 40 hours worth on a 20 lb propane tank.

The "outdoor" bathroom is inside a storage closet that is built off the back of our house. No more wet and dripping suits walking through the house. This has worked out fantastic for the small investment we made. The "JB" on the door was a surprise gift for us while we were away this week on vacation. Our neighbors who watched our pool for us put them up. Stands for either "Jim Bar" , "Jim Bath", or "Julia's Bath" (their daughter who always has to go pee while swimming at our house) Hope you like the pics.

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That shower is so cool! It reminds me of a shower at a beach house. That will definitely go into my "ideas for later" folder.

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That looks really cool! I recognize the Ikea mirror, my daughter has one hanging in her room :-) Do you have a drain under the shower or are you letting it drain into the landscaping? If I do one I'll probably do it without a drain because of where it'll be located, but there won't be any soap or shampoo allowed because of that. It'll mainly be for rinsing off. Nice work!

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No drain. About 12" of small river rock, covered by about 3" of the large ones. I put a small piece of perforated drain pipe in there too that runs underground towards the woods. It drains well.

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That is cool. It reminds me of when I was a girl scout leader and we use to go camping but that one didn't have hot water.

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Oh what I would give for that Bathroom next to the pool. I tried to build one but my HOA won't allow "out structures" with walls.

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Inspirational! Everything just fits in together so subtly - you have managed to make the utilities convenient without drawing attention to them and detracting from the beautiful pool & landscaping. Well done! Thanks so much for posting these!

What's the square footage on your bathroom as well as the shower? (Trying to figure out what the minimum space would ideally be to avoid feeling cramped)

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Thx! The shower is 4 ft.X 4 ft. and bath is 4 ft. X 5 1/2 ft.

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Looks great... how did you match the siding on the shower enclosure so well....? Is it paint? I am trying to plan a shower off the side or back of our future cabana...not sure where to put it...

Cute bathroom....I love the theme you have going.... How bout a little fishing net hanging with some fake fish,soaps or extra TP in it ???? LOL
I wish we could have done the toilet off the back of the house... the cost to run sewer & water is pretty high... but the convenience will make it worth it in the end...

Too bad our swim season is not a little longer then it is... a pool party at Christmas would be fun !!

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Thx Moocat. The siding is standard T-111 siding from Lowes, same as we used on the cabana. Stain is Benjamin Moore Latex Exterior Siding Stain, color is Briarwood to match the cabana and house.

The bathroom is a temporary solution until we do our planned addition to the back of the house. We need a few years of peace and quiet and no construction debris before we want to tackle that. In the meantime, the bathroom serves it's purpose for like you said, the short pool season.

Amazing to me what is going on with Momofthreelittleboys, I can't believe it. I feel badly for them too.

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Added a drain pipe for the heater drain today, will eliminate the "wet spot" on the side wall.

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love this idea for the shower

so the water is coming straight from the water heater.
All hot-the temp can be controlled?

no cold needed-but you have cold for the bottom faucet, right?

you installed a drain for the water heater- does it drain, does it have a place for the drain?
Still to your satisfaction?

winter? do you just drain the water?

thanks for your time

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All water that comes in is cold. No hot water line. Water temp is controlled by knobs on heater. Either more or less gas, or more or less flow. Heats the cold water right there at the unit and sends it to the shower head. Works great. Bottom faucet(foot wash)is just cold water line. I added the pvc drain just to divert the small drips of water that drains from the heater. Diverts it right to the ground, which is just a hole filled with river rock for drainage. The heater is made by EccoTemp. Amazon carries it

Here is a link that might be useful: EccoTemp

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I am so getting that Portable Tankless Water Heater...

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Hey Jimbar!
Thanks for the link to the water heater! I'm sick of my PB trying to sell me his contact's things/ideas. It seems he has a buddy involved in every aspect of building a pool from start to finish. He nearly had me convinced that I needed to work w/ his plumber and electrician along w/ his gas guy to install an under-the-counter heater for our shower to the tune of $1000!!! YIKES! I LOVE this forum as no one here has a hidden agenda (except for the spammers hahaha!) so many great ideas for less can always be found!!!!! Love the video as well on that DIY network!! Your pool has always been one of my favorites!

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Here's a picture of ours....just cold water, but we love it.

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Sweet, landscaping and glass tile!

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Hi did you follow any plans when building it? if so do you mind sharing I love this shower!

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