Crazy or Feasible? Trash Pull-Outs Under Sink???

sarapamelaMarch 6, 2012

We are renovating a small, galley kitchen. Originally I wanted a 15" or 18" trash pullout next to the sink cabinet, but then I realized I didn't want to "tie up" so much space for trash and soaps (the pullout and the area under in the cabinet under the sink.)

My cabinet maker said he could make at least one, and maybe two, small trash/recycle pullouts in the sink cabinet (one on each side of the plumbing?) I know they can't be large, but since we live in a condo, we have a dumpster nearby, so I don't need tall waste baskets there. I want a single sink anyway, so the pipes would be in the middle of the cabinet and then, hopefully, there would be room for a pullout on each side of it.

Has anyone seen or done this in their kitchen? I imagine that I wouldn't be able to have a very deep sink or a garbage disposal. Is this idea feasible, or should I give up on this idea? If it is do-able, what size cabinet and baskets do you think would work?

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Sure, lots of folks have done this. It's a very popular mod for ikea cabinets and any cabinet maker should be able to come up with something similar.

Check out morton5's prep sink thread for a great example of what you can do with a little finagling of your space:

Here is a link that might be useful: morton4 prep sink thread

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Don't have time to search this second, but yes, and there are threads on it. Can you do a side-drain sink, to make more room under there?

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Totally doable. We have it on our 18" bar sink, and it has a water chiller behind it so you can certainly do it with a garburator if you want.

Just ensure the cabinet maker and plumber know the measurements of what you're doing and that they run the plumbing stack to the rear/side spaced enough for the cabinetry and disposal. We had our chiller onsite when the plumbing stack was measured so if you're going with a dispoal it would be good to have it onsite then as well.

Ours is a single large one, but you could do two small side-by-side instead if you wanted to.

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If you do a corner drain sink, and have your plumber keep all the plumbing guts to one corner, maybe something like this will fit

I like this because this is compact and is stainless with a lid.

You can also just ask your cabinet guy to install a pull out tray and put a regular plastic trash can there.

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Wow... that is really neat! I'll show that thread to my cabinet builder and maybe he can even get a garbage disposal in there, too?! I'm hoping for a 9-10" deep sink, so it'll take some careful planning. Another challenge is that I don't want the sink cabinet any larger than necessary for a good-sized single sink because I need every possible inch for counters. In a tiny kitchen, it continues to be a search to find a way to have the sink/fridge, etc. being large enough to work out well without sacrificing the much-needed space elsewhere! Thanks so much for your quick replies marcolo and writersblock : )

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I have had to put my trash pull out under the sink because the cabinet next to it is a radius cabinet that could not accommodate the pullout. My sink is a 33 inch wide 10 inch deep blanco silgranite. The pull out is a 35 qt. reva-shelf soft open/soft close. The height of it just fits without even a 1/2 to spare. You can get smaller basket pull outs. I do have a garbage disposal on the other side of the sink. My cabinets are custom so I think the sink base is actually a 38 inch wide base. On the garbage disposal side there is just enough room to put some cleaning supplies. Here is a picture of my set up:

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Here is a picture of the other half of my sink base set up. As you can see from my pictures i have 2 drains to work around. If you are having a single sink and you buy one with an offset drain you should have no problems fitting a trash pull out in a regular size sink base

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I have an undermount, double bowl farm sink.
Usually you find those little doors down there and essentially a black hole where things disappear. Who wants to crawl around under the sink?

Anyway, my garbage disposer is center right, the DW lines run to the other side, and the plumbing is of course, low.
I made a drawer that is high in the front, but tapers down low to the back of the drawer to fit under the plumbing.

Tall things go on the sides, shorter in the middle.
I like it.
If I had the space, it would be my garbage can.

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I have a small kitchen and couldn't spare any cabinets other than under the sink for my trash pullout. I purchased a D bowl sink as they have the drain in the back. My plumber then put all the plumbing in the back right corner of the sink to free up the left side for a trash pullout. In front of the plumbing on the right side, I have a water filter and a small pail for bottle/can recycling.



My trash pullout:

This is all in a 27" cabinet.

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taggie - I love your cabinets. Do you mind telling me what brand they.

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Circus Peanut

Garburator! I love it - reminds me of friends in the MI Upper Peninsula - Taggie, are you Canadian?

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Thanks so much, miffy13. They aren't any brand though, they were made by a local custom cabinetmaker.

While we're admiring things, katsmah your granite is so so so pretty!

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I have always had a pull out trash can under my sink. I was disappointed to learn in my upcoming remodel, there's still no room for a separate trash/recycle cabinet. I now plan to put another pull out trash can in my 27" sink cabinet. Rev a shelf puts out several models. I'll probably wait to see what the interior dimensions are before I purchase one.

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LOL circuspeanut, don't you guys say garburator down there?! Busted! Yep, canuck here.

Too funny, some of the little differences. My sister's lived in North Carolina for many years now and we cracked up at how assimilated she'd become when she came up for a visit and said stuff like "I'll go get a buggy" when we went grocery shopping. The 'buggy' had us cracking up laughing, probably similar to garburator, ha ha.

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Here's mine. It's a 36" base. On the left side is the Rev-A-Shelf undersink trash pullout. On the right side is a Watts Reverse Osmosis system, a Quick & Hot, homemade NeverMT and cleaning supplies. Above is a tipout. As you can see, I managed to use every inch of the sink base. Too bad I had to eliminate the garbage disposal.

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Sorry, forgot the picture.

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Just make absolutely sure your plumber places everything correctly and that everything under there will fit right. Will you be able to stand at the sink with the trash can pulled out? Make sure the ergonomics are OK.

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My sink base is

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The only reason I didn't do pullouts was my sink is 10 inches deep and undermounted. The larger bins I wanted would have been right under the sink if on a pullout platform. I decided to have them freestanding and be able to put something in them without moving them rather than have stuff possibly rub on the bottom of the sink as it got full. There is a disposal, instant hot tank, never MT and large soap bottle, two baskets of cleaning supplies and two DW connections under there as well as trash and recycling. Works for me.

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