pool renovation/what do you like best about you pool

zlindaJuly 5, 2011

I live in Missouri City, TX and have a 30 year old free form pool in dire need of renovation. I would like to know what people like best about their pool so I can get some good ideas for the renovation. I am working on getting a quote from Pool Pro who has been taking care of my pool for 15 years. I am still in the deciding process of what I want. They have also remodeled many pools in my area and people seem to be happy with their work.

I plan on adding 2 new sections of decking and resurfacing the new and old deck with stamped concrete. The pool will get new plaster and tiles. I would like to raise the sides of the hot tub so the water will flow forming a little waterfall. I would like to add a long weeping wall to one side and have a shelf about waist deep below the length of it to sit on. My pool is average size, the deep end is 9 feet. It used to have a diving board but it was old and I got rid of it. I was thinking of putting a diving rock there now. I am trying to create a tropical feel for my pool. I have 35 year old oak trees in my back yard that I am leaving in. The landscaping will not exactly be tropical but I would like the pool to look that way.

I have looked at so many beautiful pools on the internet, it seems that there are lots of options. It is hard to decide what to get. I would hate to have it all completed and wished I would have gotten something else added.

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We love our LED lighting and Laminar Deck Jets.

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My one non-negotiable item was the Pebble Sheen finish. I would've given up deck space, pool size, water features, etc. but not my Pebble Sheen. It is glorious to behold and so much cleaner to look at than our previous white marcite pool. Seeing all the little bits of dirt on the bottom of the white drove me crazy.

With Pebble, the dirt doesn't show as much. Even the surface seems to require less skimming than my neighbor's marcited pool.

So far, the Intellitouch remote control is pretty cool, too. But a total luxury as opposed to the Sheen which, for me, was a necessity.

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The best thing we ever did was to convert to a salt water pool.

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I love the small fieldstone rocks we used as coping on one side of the pool. I would love them more if we had the jump rock we'd planned on - but didn't end up finding! I also love our shimmering sea - crushed sea shells that they toss into the pebble tec. You can see the coping on the left side in this photo. Good luck, sounds like a fun project!

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