help--fillers look horrible!

quesera1970March 11, 2014

I will try to post a picture, but basically--cabinets arrived. I knew that we had about 3-4" of play space on the cabinet run of the back wall of the kitchen, and we ordered fillers. But I had no idea how terrible they would look. There's a corner cabinet, 1-2" of filler with visible seams, another cabinet, then the range hood, then another cabinet, then another 2.5" of filler, etc. You see these white pieces just kind of stuck between cabinets--it looks terrible! I know that i could have the fillers removed and make equal empty space on either side of the range hood, but then my upper cabinets would not line up with the lowers. would that look worse? there doesn't seem to be an easy way to make the fillers less conspicuously positioned, but I will try. Ugh, this is where I wish we had gone custom.....or that I knew what I was doing....

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You should send photo, if you can. Folks here are very creative and experienced at brainstorming on work arounds.

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I'm wondering if you could remove the 2 fillers, rip them in half with a thin-kerf blade then reinstall the 4 between the cabinets and range hood.

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thanks I will take pictures tomorrow (we are not living in the house) and upload, but in the meantime I looked at the cabinet design and think that our contractor did not follow the plan (which is par for the course) so that in fact, I might be able to more or less hide the fillers in a corner. we'll see. I will update!

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