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karpetMarch 24, 2011

What are your emotions/feelings towards the project you work on? If you like the project before you start, do you continue to like it through the whole process? Or do you waffle with how you feel about it? Have you had projects that you disliked when you started, but by the end they had won you over?

I think I'm a pretty emotional quilter. My feelings for a project swing greatly during the process - even in a single day of sewing! What about you?


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I'm with you - emotions are tied up a lot in my quilting. Right now I'm doing a birthday quilt for a little girl who is very special to both DH & I. I purchased fabrics knowing I had some to add at home. I was all excited until I began cutting...then worried there were too many fabrics & it would be too busy. I love scrappy, but not crazy - know what I mean?? Anyway, as I put the blocks into rows last night, the excitement returned & I'm loving it again. Just had a little apprehension I guess.

I also pray a LOT during the making of a gift quilt - esp for the new babies, graduates & brides -- & of course if the recipient is ill or grieving. It seems to mean a lot to them that the quilt has been covered in prayers said especially for them. I give many quilts away & for me, the prayers add a dimension over & above my efforts. I don't have many talents so I see my quilting as a skill I can use to improve the lives of others.


Thank you for the question, Karlene:) It made me stop & think. You lifted my spirits today! [and now when all the little ones go home I can quilt! :) ]

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It's been a REALLY long time since I have had one, but I sometimes equate starting a new project with a blind date. You are SO looking forward to what might turn out to be the best experience of your life ... or the most fun project you are going to start. THEN THINGS GO SOUR! It's frustrating when you read the instructions wrong, or mix up your colors when cutting ... sometimes the project/date were just not meant to be!

Then, sometimes I am DREADING starting the project because I'm not 100% sold on the colors but they are the person's favorites and then, when they are finished, turn out to be fabulous and you don't want to give it away. (or the date to end)

I think it is sometimes just a journey that you have to experience and when I complete a project that isn't MY favorite, I have to remember that I have learned something from it and it will make me a better quilter (I hope!)


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I've had quite a few projects that languished in the closet for ages b/c I'd decided I didn't like them (for whatever reason). I always make myself finish them eventually, and sometimes I like them again!

Usually when I go "off" on a project it's b/c I decide the colors aren't working, or some part of it gives me trouble. I'll also put something away just b/c I'm tired of looking at it.

I don't know if you'd call that emotional or not. I know I don't do as good a job if I feel like I HAVE to finish something I don't really like or want to work on at the time.

Right now I only have one project put away b/c I don't like it...I took a Celtic applique class from Quilt Univ. last year. I decided to hand applique the strips (which I like to do), but for some reason I picked 3 colors that go together nicely, but I really don't like them - very brown and orangey...why did I pick those? Anyway, I finished the center applique and now it needs a border. I've decided to machine sew the border, but just need to make myself get it out and do it!


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I don't have very many completed quilt projects yet since I am still relatively new to quilting, but very very experienced in all things sewing, design, color, etc.
I am trying to force myself to bind a quilt that is the least favorite of the 5 quilts I am giving as gifts. For the most part,I get in the zone when I sew me. Since I carefully plan the colors and fabrics, and do not hesitate to make changes along the way I feel satisfied with the end result. I need to learn that quilting is unlike producing a well made tailored suit, where someone/everyone is staring at the lapels, topstitching, hemline, etc. This group has taught me it is much more relaxed and anything goes, and I am enjoying every minute of the process! So, the emotions I am developing is to relax and enjoy the ride.
I do think about the person I am making the quilt for - The Birthday Blocks has been very good for me to make blocks specifically for someone else in the colors and fabrics I hope she likes.
Good question Karlene.

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I have ups and downs with the process. Now I am focusing on 2 tops: one I am having fun with the other is a struggle. I am making one for my sister=had her help choose the fabric and pattern=I enjoy the process. But # 2 is one I am doing because I was given the book and feel that I should at least try: Sylvia's Bridal Quilt=this is not fun at times and at others it is rewarding=I have put it aside for the moment and hope to be refreshed when I finish the one I am enjoying.
I find I get overwhelmed at times with doing the same pattern and loose interest but most of the things I do are for others, I might not be my taste but their, thus emotions don't enter into it. It's not mine and maybe a learning process that makes it worth while. Jayne

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I'm a mix. I usually like my projects and finish them, even if I take breaks to catch a second wind. I know the difference between fatigue and hatred, though, so I have been known to give a project the ol' heave-ho.

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I never thought about having emotions while quilting. Every quilt gets prayer going with it. If I've started a pattern that I end up not caring for or get bored with, I give myself permission to put it away with no guilt. If it's going to cause distress, be nice to yourself and don't do it.


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I agree with Sharon....don't stress yourself over a project. If it isn't going like you planned....get rid of it. Give it away, trash it, burn it, or keep as a reminder of what not to do. But do not keep struggling with it.
As I get older, my philosophy has become: Life is too short to spend valuable PRECIOUS time being aggravated with something you don't like and causes you grief! And that includes projects, quilting, sewing, people, places, whatever.
Just ask that cathedral window hand sewing project I started.....gone gone gone.....absolutely too much aggravation in THAT..LOL

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Murphy - love, love your philosophy!! I agree & only wish that I had added the 'people & places' YEARS ago!! Would have saved me countless times of grief & frustration:) Now that I'm wiser (& older, darn it!) I share your great attitude!!

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I usually like the quilts I am doing. The ones I have a problem is those that are mystery quilts. I have done 2 of them and both I did not like. Had I known what they looked like my idea changes in color or pattern would have made the difference in how I feel about the process. I no longer do mysteries, and I am much happier with my work.

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I agree with not stressing. I have started some quilts to be a double and didn't really care for them for one reason or another, so they ended up being a lap quilt. I do have one EPP project that may never get finished. It was for a gift basket at work, they decided not to do it, I didn't like it anyway, so it is now a PIG. Perhaps some day I will finish it.


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Ha! Just noticed that a reply I posted over the weekend never went up.

I also do a lot of praying while I'm quilting. I think a lot about if the recipient will like it - if I picked a pattern and colors that are in their style. My brain just seems to be working overtime as I sew. I don't think I do this with any other activity like cleaning or cooking. Sometimes I just want to turn my brain off! Like my DD said to me on the last quilt I was working on and anguishing over, "Mom, it's just a quilt."

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