Build your own liner pool

theballsJuly 6, 2011

Has anybody built their own liner pool? Im not talking about buying a kit. We have a decent sized yard, but only a small area that makes sense for a pool. Gunite is simply out of the question, too $$$.

Plans, 8'x12' rectangle pool, approximately 30" deep (though water depth will actually be nearer 26"ish), using a custom liner and sourcing parts piecemeal. It will also have a pergola over one half of it, for those ridiculously hot summer days when you want pool plus shade.

Im hesitant to even call it a pool, based off of the things of beauty that most of you post here, but it is what it is (or will be!)

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Liner pools generally have 42" walls in the kit. The walls are either steel or resin. Trying to get custom heights will add

Liners will also cost somewhat more as the liner manufacturers also use 42 wall patterns that would need cutting down more than normal.

All in ground liners are custom made. Most above grounds are not custom.

The same amount of equipment and man/hours (well close anyway) may make this more also.

Basically, what I am saying is that since you mentioned budget, shallower isn't cheaper.Many PBs have minimum prices also.


You might want to just build a 42" deep pool with some buddy seats. Throw some floats in and a very usable pool is there for you.


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