Dented stainless steel

KelliCMarch 16, 2014

I recently purchased a display refrigerator that is to be delivered in 2 days. I wasn't planning on purchasing my fridge yet (the one I want is $2700!) however, on a recent trip to Menards I happened upon a display. It was the same fridge I wanted, but they were asking only $1498 for it. The bottom right of the freezer has two small dents (maybe hit by a pallet jack?). I've heard there are ways to remove dents, so I was wondering if anyone here had success with one of these methods. If I can't remove the dents I'm fine with them (especially for $1200 off!) but it would be nice to not have them there. Also, if it is dented do I have to worry about rust or clean that area any special way?

Thank you!

Here is a link that might be useful: The fridge I'm getting!

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You wouldn't need to worry about rust or cleaning the area any differently from normal. As far removing them goes, a lot depends on what the metal is doing there. If there are any creases or hard bends you can basically forget about removing the dents without getting at it from the inside. Otherwise I think the two methods you've heard about are using a large suction cup like Harbor Freight uses or dry ice. I'll leave that to someone who has actually tried it.

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I've read about ways to take out minor dents, but I haven't tried it, so I can't say one way or the other in regard to it.

I will say that our fridge has a very small dent (I like to call it a dimple) that you don't see all the time. We got it after it has been here in the house, so we didn't benefit from the excellent price you are getting. We haven't had any issues with it rusting and haven't done anything special to take care of that area.

We have the larger version of yours (and it's a Kenmore Elite, but LG makes those). We've been happy with ours overall. One thing that I will caution about - if your family uses ice heavily, be aware that you may find yourself short on ice. There's two of us, and light-ice users, so it's been no problem at all. We always have more than enough for our needs so far. But, I imagine if we were a heavy ice user or had a large family, it would be difficult for the ice maker to keep up. For us, it was perfect - we didn't want to give up a lot of usable space in the fridge for an icemaker.

Congrats on finding a deal!

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I don't really use ice much, only when I'm having parties. I actually don't have an ice-maker right now, and haven't had one for 9 months or so. I usually just buy a bag of ice when I'm having people over haha. Thanks for the heads up though!

I know of a place that sells dry ice so I might try that. I'm just excited to have it delivered tomorrow!

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I have tried heat and dry ice to remove dents on a stainless fridge door without any success. I also took it to a paintless dent removal place and after half an hour of trying to work out the dent from the inside, they gave up. Stainless hardens as you work it so it's difficult/impossible to remove dents. I recommend putting a magnet over it and forgetting it's there while you enjoy cooling your food for 1200 bucks less!

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