Spa Pole or what ever it might be called...

harleydsJuly 23, 2014

Hello everyone.
Been reading up on the past posts and am hoping someone can chime in with any experiences with this water feature I am looking have added to my pool build.

On the Alibaba websites, everyone seems to be calling it a Spa Pole, but it could have another name. I haven't been able to find a US company that sells this.

I used it before when I was at a hotel in Asia where they had three of them in a row spaced out every few feet. The water comes out of the end attachment and sprays at your back similar to a spa jet, but with no air bubbles. It's suppose to mimic a massage.

Looking for opinions, thoughts or a US distributor if there is one. My PB said it would only cost $200 to run the extra return line to power this and he would setup a separate valve so it can be the dedicated return line when I wanted to use it. He's never installed one before, but was willing to assist.

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