Has anyone ever tried selling their house on eBay?

druckusJanuary 21, 2009

I'm thinking about selling our first home and was wondering if anyone knew if it was wise to try and do it myself over eBay. I've heard that if you take good pictures that you can sell your house over eBay without worrying about agent fees.

Any advice? Thanks!

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I'll bet the shipping costs would be very expensive,and do ya think Pay-pal would take the transaction? ;)

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Starting bid......99cents!

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I would never buy a house off of ebay and I'm guessing that would be the majority of people. No way I'd buy something that I hadn't actually walked through.

Want to save on agent fees go the regular FSBO route or do a flat fee MLS and pay only the buyers agents fee, which cuts it into half.

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I agree, I wouldn't even look for a house on ebay..

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First, when you list your house on eBay, you're not "selling" it per se. It's another advertising tool and bids are not binding, but it gets your house in front of a gazillion potential buyers. I listed my Tennessee farm on eBay and had inquries from as far away as Japan. People from Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas came to look at it based on the ad. I didn't sell it through eBay, but it costs only $150 for a 30-day listing.

Those who say that they won't look for a house on eBay might just be missing out on the deal of a lifetime.

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I love to look at property on ebay. I actually inquired about one of them, too, although it was really a pipe dream and I had no business buying a beach cottage in Nova Scotia. I quickly came to my senses when realized how far Nova Scotia is from where I live now. I don't know how often serious, non-dreamer buyers look on ebay.

I doubt anyone will buy your house on ebay. It's an advertising tool. Also, ebay's fees combined with Paypal have gotten pretty enormous and I think you would pay more in fees total to ebay than you would to a RE agent.

But $150 for 30 days of advertising reaching a gazillion peeps...that might be worth trying, depending on what sort of property it was. I was looking at beach property, muppy had interested parties but was selling horse property...those are much more exotic than just a regular house in a regular area. I never ever look for those. I can see those walking out my front door.

I have bought and sold a few homes and my opinion is that for your first sell, the professional help of a REA might be an excellent idea.

Good luck with your sell with whatever you decide :-)


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Good friends of mine listed their home on ebay. They still have it. I think they did get a few inquiries, none of which turned into actual visits.

FWIW, these folks are really good at selling stuff. They just haven't been able to move this particular house.

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YEP sold my house in 2 weeks that I put on Ebay. I got 4 times the money I paid for it. It was no fancy house. As we were fixing it up we were going to put pictures up. I had a couple pictures of the outside and the bathroom that we just finished.We just told people that the more work we did the higher we were going to put the price of the house.2 weeks after we listed it a lady called came and seen it and it was sold. She was the second person to come see the house. We had a bunch of things we were going to sell at a yard sale and she went around and told me what she was going to purchase. Yard sale was alot smaller..lol. Putting it on Ebay was great for me. Good-luck

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