Are you quilting this weekend? March 7-9

lindaoh_gwMarch 7, 2014

Hello quilters! The sun is shining today but the temperature is 14 degrees. It is supposed to warm up but rain tomorrow. I'm happy to see the snow melting.
Have you been sewing and quilting this week? I started working on the baby quilt for my grandson who is due this month. I am making an embroidered quilt with hot air balloons. The first design took 80 minutes to stitch out. The final color is a black outline. Everything was perfect until it reached the top of the balloon. It stitched about a 1/4 inch away from the edge of the design! I didn't want to start over so I picked out the stitching that was out of place and used my machine to stitch an outline around the top of the balloon. Today I am doing another block. Wish me luck!
So, that is what I am working on this weekend. What are you sewing?
Linda OH

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I am bringing GS's quilt to the LAQ this afternoon and then picking up some thread. I had a quilt ready on Wed., and wouldn't you know, I didn't have the right coloured thread. Hope to get that done today and tomorrow.

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I finally got my daughter's Blowing in the Wind quilt back from the LAQ. Hope to get it bound tomorrow. It looks fantastic. Can't wait to post a photo. I also hope to bind the two Chinese Coin quilts and make the second matching pillowcase. We'll see how far I get. And I haven't finished those darn taxes yet.

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Well I spent my week crocheting my parents' Garden Patch Granny afgan in autumn colors, ... am working on the border for it now. I want to be able to give the afgan to my parents when I see them next weekend. Once I get finished with it, I will be happy to get back to my quilting projects. So other than housework, that's my weekend.

Best to you,

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After finishing the double four-patch last week, I've decided to take a break from large projects and work on some small ones. I have designed a small landscape quilt project of which I've made 4 of, working on a little bit larger one now. It's a simple design of pine trees and palmettos. I made the first one over a year ago and just in the past couple of months have made the others. The first one I gave to my sister for her b-day, the other sister was looking at it so I will give her one for her b-day this month.

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I'm going to try and get some quilting done this week-end. I sandwiched a quilt this afternoon using the way crimsicle posted about using stitch witchery. Since it's lap size and I did it on my big ironing board, my back was appreciative. I did chicken out though and put a few pins in it. So far, I can see doing this again! I'm still cutting up scraps into more usable squares and strips, too.


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I'd like to work on a small UFO that's in progress... it's laid out on my studio floor and in the way (on purpose, LOL)

Got Mom's quilt back from Beverly, so I need to get the UFO out of the way so I can quilt the borders on Mom's quilt. My goal is to get it to her by Mother's Day. Shouldn't be too hard once I get the borders & backing pieced back on the top...already have the dining room table cleared off so I can spread it out there.

I also have Girl Scout cookie booths today and tomorrow!

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Yesterday I went to 2 quilt shows. There were lots of beautiful quilts, but nothing at any of the vendor booths even tempted me! :(

I'm working on a baby quilt. The blocks have 2 sets of cornerstones, and my color scheme has red ones in 2 corners and yellow ones in the other 2. The centers are all done and I am working on the outer ring. Thursday morning I had some time to sew, so I tried to finish one block. I went to sew the strips with the cornerstones on, and the colors were in the wrong corners! (grrr) So yesterday morning before I went to the quilt show I took it apart to fix it, and did it wrong again! (more grrr). Yesterday afternoon I fixed it (got it right that time) and did another one, and dang it if I didn't get the colors wrong AGAIN!

So, I'm going to try again today. Hopefully my peabrain will cooperate.


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Hope to get some sewing time in. I just finished Saturday morning chores and so I'm off to my happy room. I need to finish my February project...:-)!

Ritaweed... I would love to see your landscape did you get started on landscapes?

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V., I can send you a photo by email if you really want to see it , I stopped posting pix of my work online quite awhile back. Not because I'm hiding anything, I just don't like the idea that I have no control over my photos once I post them here, I found a few of them elsewhere online and didn't like it. I want the control, not someone else. I also do pastel landscapes, that's why I have an interest in doing them in quilts.

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R. I understand...but I'd love to see one of your landscapes, my email is littlehelen at comcast dot net. It's an area of interest that someday I hope to explore...any thoughts on getting started?
Much appreciated!

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V., just sent you three photos of "Brooksville Sunrise, Pines & Palmettos", check your spam-box!!

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More gardening than quilting. Getting ready to host a meeting of 25 women. Spring is decorating for me though.

My quilting today consisted of picking up some foam insulation board to make a design wall. At the other house i had two sheets of it stuck to the wall, covered with flannel floor to ceiling. This time my sewing room is larger, but upstairs with sloped ceilings so I will try to do something that lets me prop it or cut to fold it.

Any bright ideas or suggestions eagerly encouraged. Too many long haired pets to use the floor.


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I'm back in the sewing room a few hours at a time, finishing up on putting my quilting fabric back in order. I'm tired of fishing through bins with odd-shaped small pieces in it and decided to do something about it. I've stack upon stack of 3.5" squares now and a bag of strips and the larger pieces have been run through the mangle and folded. I'm halfway through the stacks of naturals and whites now. It was fun at first. ;-)

The New Year Mystery quilt top lays draped over my small quilting frame and I've no desire to tackle it until later. Today the showers held off long enough to do some scaffold pruning on young peach trees, and get the grapes pruned. It went from too cold and frozen to almost too late in two day's time.

Still awaiting inspiration for the next quilting project, but am thinking to do a new quilted purse, instead of tearing into another larger quilt yet.

Linda, looks like it's showering g'kids at your place. Happy for you.......aren't they fun?

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So, I started clearing off the sewing table to do some quilting, but......trimmed up some more scraps instead and think I've decided what to try next with the 1 1/2 inch strips/squares. If it works, I'll probably send it for the Littlest Warriors Project. Also made 7 more Blue Ridge Beauty blocks. Maybe I'll get to the quilting tomorrow. :-)

Don't forget to Spring forward!


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Just finished the binding on the New Year's Mystery and I LOVE it. As I was admiring it on the LR floor (the quilt, not me), I thought that it would be a excellent pattern for black and whites. Another one on "the list".
This afternoon, I must go down and try to create order out of chaos in the sewing area. Does that count as quilting???

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Even with family in this weekend, I got a lot done! I was able to work on the border blocks for my sons quilt. And I'm making a quilt for my brother and his wife (they are paying me!!) and I made them some pillow cases this weekend (the "hot dog" method from the retreat!) for them to go with the quilt. She's decided not to put the quilt in their rental property, but to put in on their own bed, so I now am making some curtain tie backs to go with the ensemble.


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I am smiling, Robbi. I remember the conversation way back, when you mentioned making a quilt for a rental cabin and everyone was sucking their breaths in at the thought of it. LOL. I had a hunch when they saw one of your quilts they'd change their minds.

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I have not gotten a whole lot done. My husband had major back surgery (spinal fusion) Wednesday and came home from the hospital on Friday evening. He is not a very good patient, so I have spent the last 2 days teaching him Jackie's way of recuperation. LOL I did get my Celtic Solstice loaded onto the frame and have been sewing some string blocks in between taking care of him. He is at least up and walking now. I have two more days until I can go back to work and get some rest. :)


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