photos of 80's kitchen

rj56March 9, 2010

I love my kitchen but it is ready for a facelift. The wallpaper is gone. I would like to still use some of my depression era items as accessories, but would like to update the hardware, paint, countertops, flooring, lighting, fixtures. I'm not up to removing the z-brick,but will repaint it. The house is very modest and in a modest neighborhood, so no extravagant finishes here-maybe HD laminate on the counters, and higher end vinyl or laminate on the floor. I'm considering painting the cabinets, but not right away, as I have a lot on my plate, and I know it is very labor intensive.

I need a fresh set of eyes, as I can only see it as it has been and not how maybe it could be.

Any ideas out there for colors? It has two south facing windows so is pretty light during the day. Can't put wood down because have different woods in the hallway and dining area that adjoin, so wouldn't be able to match. The dining area is currently painted a wine color, but that will be painted after I choose the scheme for the kitchen.

The antique pie safe was a wedding present from my mom

Notice the "shared wall" at the left--this goes into the living room which you can see is wall papered. Any suggestions?

the breakfast area

this is the stair wall across from the breakfast area

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I'd take the color scheme from that green and cream bowl.

My sympathies on the countertops ... looks like we have the same 1980s counters.

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I can see a cheery butter yellow on the walls. Would work with the cabs as well as the green: Check out circuspeanut's k itchen. You could also add a much smaller amount of red or blue accents.

If you painted the cabs white, you could maybe do a blue on the walls. Mixing blue and green is very modern--there used to be an old saying, "Blue and green, never seen," which may be why the combo now seems so fresh.

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If your depression-era items are depression glass, work from those colors. Put the same red or a lighter variant of the red of the other rooms and the living room wallpaper onto the "brick". Then use that soffit space as display space and play up those gem tones of the depression glass. How about ruling a large-scale custom plaid of paint onto the soffit area, using colors from the collection and the red and a variant of the countertop color?

I think countertops need to be on the light side. A brown-white blend? A gray-white blend? A light green of some sort?

Replace the shade of the fixture over the table with a shade that is more like a lampshade, perhaps a custom one to match kitchen colors or patterns. Make the curtain over the sink lighter and very airy. Pick up the colors in a rug that has strong personality.

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Could you reconsider taking out the Zbrick? I have no experience but it looks to be a small amount to take out.

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You have great bones in your kitchen. From your pictures
your cabinets look in great condition. I think you
are wise and practical to stay to theme of the
neighborhood and style of the house. Especially to keep the
money well spent.

There are many things you can do with the cabs

1)Paint the cabs lighter white to match appliances
2)Gel stain them a slightly darker fresh updated color
Maybe espresso
3)Or paint them quirky unique colors

What about the soffit? Can you remove it? Or cover it
with a faux cabinet of sorts? Check one of the images

What about under cab lighting? Adding this can really
change a kitchen?
And new hardware? I love this knob with espresso color

Or this one with white cabinets and it it closer to your
adorable green dishes.

And what about light fixtures? school house?
or maybe something fun? Are you keeping the gold tone
brass? Or changing this?

Check out this light fixture from Cotedetex

Pottery barn brass

What about the trim? keep or changing? There is a cute
window inbetween those cabs. Do you want the trim to
match the cabinets or be it's own color?

Keep the brick white since it really is a pain to remove.
Or if you are going with Espresso stained cabs paint the
brick a dark deep espresso to give the space texture.

And the floors...
How about marmoleaum.
Or vinyl
This is wood like vinyl. I love this with white cabs

And another vinyl floor looking like wood with espresso
cabinets. I love this too. From Faux Wood

Here are some visuals of what other have done to update
their kitchens.

here is a gorgeous idea from Sheeshamungablog


This is from YounghouseloveBlog,

The before (notice the floors, light fixture and yes they
changed their appliances)

And after going lighter NOW check out the window is the
same color as the white trim and walls. Sort of blends
into the wall nicely. And notice the counters stayed. They
look better in this updated kitchen. If your counters are
not beaten you might think about keeping them too.

Before painted oak Apt Therapy

After painted Oak Apt Therapy

If you do a search or post asking TNTW from Garden web
how she did her kitchen. She will be excited to help you.
Her transformation is beautiful. Truly beautiful.

Here is her Before

And checkout her after. I love the Espresso!!!!Actually
wait it is called Mahogany Gel Stain.

TNTW from Garden Web Her window trim is stained to match
the espresso cabs. Just amazing. And LOOK what she did
with her soffits. Truly talented and I know she is a kind
soul to help other on GW. Just ask.

Now last I suggest the Sweeby Test.
And check out Finished Kitchen Blogs from Garden Web.
If you want more ideas I can post later.

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hardware: Replace to match the hinges, maybe use handles on the doors but keep knobs on the drawers unless you go with a backplate and can cover the hole.

free-standing chest wall: You have a nice thing going there. Would you consider taking down the cabinet above? It would open the space. Maybe use a couple open shelves if you need to juggle storage around.

Cabinets: Painting is A LOT of work. (I'm still working on mine.) Perhaps change one or two to glass fronts by removing the arched section of the door. That could be an option for that cabinet above the free standing if you don't wish to remove it. Use a frosted or seeded glass to hide better.

Floor: check into Marmoleum Click, it wears well and sounds like it would fit the house and surrounding wood floors.

Window: Do you need to have a treatment for privacy? If not leave it open and clean.

Faucet: You didn't say anything about the faucet but that can be an inexpensive update with lots of function to it. My mom used a Kohler Forte in a kitchen facelift similar to what you have in mind. Be careful of clearance with the window.

You might want to consider posting to the home decorating forum, they are great with color and full of inspiring ideas. I'm a big lurker over there.

Hope this helps. Keep us updated.

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I agree with the suggestion to swap out the knobs. Those are the first things I notice - they really pop and draw attention away from the other neat touches like the depression glass. I love the knobs that boxerpups showed, and of course there are many many options for knobs. That's an easy change for a big impact.

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The dark wood cabinets dominate the look, so I'd actually paint them first. You'd want to do that when you replacing the counters, anyway. You might also consider replacing the doors, which would give you more style options and also allow glassed uppers.

It looks like the refrigerator is free-standing. You could enclose it for a more integrated look plus over-refrigerator storage, and optionally switch to a counter-depth model.

I think some molding would nicely separate the uppers from the soffit. Alternatively, dish rails to display your depression glass.

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I can already see the start of something there.

By Depression, I don't think you just mean depression glass on the table, you mean all the 1930's pieces, right? The sweet little green chair, the wire -- thingy, the green striped bowl, the canisters. Love them. And they work with the house, and your ideas and what you have.

It also seems you LIKE green. Or am I wrong?

Green and white, sometimes a creamy white, with accents of buttercup yellow, bluebird blue, and black, or cherry red, or sometimes pumpkin, were a common 1920's/1930s palette. You've already got some of those in the dishtowel on the stove, so it doesn't have to be theatrically vintage.

For that odd half wall, might it work to see if you could find another similar piece of furniture to the pie safe, around the same height? Maybe a vintage glass-fronted piece to display dishes, table linens and vintage treasures (tack a piece of vintage wallpaper or fabric to the back part that sticks up above the partition if the unfinished back bothers you)? Or a server/sideboard? Secondhand furniture shops sell simple, modest sized pieces of furniture for modest prices. Identify what you need more of (storage, display, a prep surface) and you could put it there.

I'd just do little schoolhouse or cone pendants. Or shop for something vintage at a salvage place. Even including the cost of getting it rewired if necessary, you'll come out ahead, and it will be distinctive.

I would just look into what it takes to remove Z brick. Maybe all it takes is a little courage, a chisel, a sander and some drywall mud. I'm NOT handy, and I learned to drywall. It's like frosting a big cake. A vertical cake. It would be a shame to learn later that it's not a big deal to get rid of it. Painting it well may turn out to be more expensive than ripping it out!

Question for the more adept people out there: Wouldn't you think the zbrick could be rough chiseled off the backsplash and new backer board be installed right over it or something? I see no reason to put up with something 1/4 inch thick without a fight.

As for painting the cabinets: Let me be a voice of support. Whenever you decide to do it, it's really not so bad, and the results will be SO great you'll be energized to go on. I painted mine - twice. I think white would be pretty, and in keeping with what you describe.

It seems to be a nice sized and nicely proportioned kitchen. You have reason to love it!

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If you are using depression glass as a jumping off point, I would use the real thing in terms of glass knobs. If you are painting the cabinets Wilsonart makes a "Soapstone" laminate while while Formica has a "Basalt Slate" which is nice.

I like the Z-brick since it is already there. I think it adds character. I think if you removed too much of whats there, excluding the cabinets, you could end up with "1980s kitchen with generic 2010s facelift" while if you leave some of the older stuff it will be harder to tell when its from.

Here is a link that might be useful: colored glass hex knobs

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I would paint the cabinets a pale yellow and then do a checkerboard floor possibly a grey tone on tone checkerboard.

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I think new hardware would make a relatively big impact too. Perhaps you could find some similar to the pie safe especially if you do paint the cabinets? Maybe a soapstone look laminate countertop? I think that would coordinate well with the furniture and decorative items you have. Maybe laminate flooring in a tile look? I like Rejuvenation's light fixtures, they have a lot of variety.

I really like your kitchen and think you will enjoy how much difference you can make with a few changes.

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taking down the wall paper and changing out the knobs will make the WORLD of difference in your kitchen. start there.

there are thousands of pulls/handle options. check your local HD / lowe's and online - Lee Valley hdw has tons of them. online or they will send you a catalog. i'd probably go with ORB - goes better with 'old' stuff i think.

I like the soffits for your plates. that'd be a bear to take out and doesn't sound like the type of change you want to make. so play it up.

you do seem to like green so maybe a very light green paint for the walls... I wouldn't enclose the f ridge. doesn't go with the time period of your k itchen. i also think it adds bulk. a k itchen is a k itchen and having a f ridge is a good thing.

floor - there are laminate and vinyl planks that look like stone. they'll be easier on your feet and legs. check the Armstrong, Congoleum and Mannington websites for vinyl and laminate flooring. also check out a local flooring store. there's a lot out there!

I'd decide on the counter top before most anything else. check out Formica and Wilson Art websites. Both will send you larger samples than available at HD. a few might cost a few dollars - I think it's worth the money to see the larger sample.

your cabs look great to me. i wouldn't do anything but maybe give them a good cleaning and changes the pulls on them. i'm not saying they look dirty - cabs just accumulate lots of stuff over the yrs. It might lighten them a bit. If after other things are done and you still aren't pleased with the look, then think about painting them.
If you get a lot of light in there and have a lighter floor and counter top - and walls, the wood should not overwhelm the room. i wouldn't put a dark counter top on them tho - that would make the middle very 'heavy' looking.

your lights seem fine - at least for now. i don't see them as ugly or horrendous etc. Those too could wait to decide on at a later time.

the BS - If it doesn't come down easily, i'd probably end up painting it - later. after i decided on the counter top. maybe go with a brick color. again, depends on the counter top you decide to put in.

I think with very few changes you'll be so thrilled in the changed look of your kitchen. the wall color, counter top, pulls and flooring will make such a difference in there!

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Thanks to all of you for responding to my plea.
Great suggestions! Generally, it sounds like most of you are having me lean toward embracing the vintage vibe. I have seen some beautiful vintage kitchens on the forum. I looked at the Sweeby test, but need to actually write down my answers and let them guide me.

Marcolo, I have toyed with painting the walls yellow,so will get some of the sample cans and try. I have never heard that "blue and green never seen." I love blue and green together! I struggle with green on the walls, sometimes it seems like too much green, but I think it's because I haven't found the right shade. The designer on Color Splash, David, did a page in BHG on using green, and he stated that it's okay to use several shades of green as that's how nature does it. What about painting the soffitt a different color than the walls?

DH and I talked about removing the soffitt, but the ceilings are textured and probably under the soffitt they're not, soooo....that would lead to another project. I had seen the soffitt with the panel like treatment and I could probably do something similar with trim. I also thought about a narrow shelf or ledge, so I definitely will keep that in mind. I will check out circuspeanut's kitchen.

Boxerpups, I always enjoy your posts. Hadn't thought about glass pulls as I wasn't sure about doing the whole vintage thing. I was actually thinking about maybe black or ORB square knobs and the bin pulls on the drawers. I wonder what glass knobs on the doors and bin pulls on the drawers would look like?

I do like the school house lights. My semi flush has three bulbs and provides plenty of light. I never feel like I need more light. But, it needs replaced and I think I will be able to find something. There is a recessed light over the sink also. As far as over the table, Florantha, I never would have considered a light with a shade..interesting.

Growlery, I liked your idea about having something in front of the half wall. What about moving the pie safe down there and replacing it with a portable island? I need more counter space and that would provide about 3 feet. Owls4me mentioned removing that cabinet above the pie safe. If I move the pie safe, I could keep that cabinet. But, I do think it looks out of place, and agree some open shelving would look better.

djsaw, I love the idea of a checkerboard floor. Armstrong has a vinyl with a checkerboard in a few colors, but none really thrilled me--two were very light-would show everything, and then the dark one was too dark. Any opinions on the slate look laminate by Mannington?

Now, countertops. I had thought about the Basalt slate (Formica)and the soapstone by Wilsonart, but like deserteph said "too heavy." The HD products are very attractive, but I just haven't found the perfect one. I know the solid surface products are almost as expensive as a natural stone, so, I really need to spend some time looking. I feel if I'm keeping my cabinets, and don't need new appliances just yet, maybe I can splurge on countertops!

Johnliu mentioned closing in the fridge. You probably can't see from the picture, but there isn't room to close in the fridge because of the window there in the breakfast area. But, I did consider that, and thought when my fridge dies, I could get one slightly smaller and then that could be done. Originally the fridge was on the pie safe wall, but I didn't like how it jutted out so far and if the door was open and someone came around the corner-no room. Also, no countertop there to set anything on. But, I thought about putting a shelf above there because it looks funny because the soffitt isn't extended there.

I'm definitely getting a new sink and faucet. I currently have a double, but am considering a single, perhaps one of the composite ones with the faucet hole in the corner. I am so tired of cleaning around that plate that covers the extra holes. I would then get a faucet with the pull down sprayer. Any suggestions on which brand?

Thanks again for your help. I definitely will post more photos as I make progress. You all are very kind.

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I agree that small changes can make a huge difference. We went through the same process with our kitchen. Didn't want to invest huge $ - and didn't want to rip out cabs that were in decent shape. We ended up splurging on granite, doing trim pieces on the soffits, painting our z-brick, new hardware, and actually adding some cabs as well as removing a wall. (One thing does lead to another, you know!) We did decide as we went - instead of having an overall picture, which I wouldn't recommend. :)

Anyway, sorry to those that have seen these pics already, but I always thought it was helpful to see before and afters - especially of pics keeping the same cabs.


after painted brick and new countertops:

Felt like the cab grain was now competing with the countertops, so decided to gel stain cabs:

And then we added some new as well. Here you can kind of see the trim pieces we put on the soffit as well (there's a small piece right above the cabs and then a larger piece by the ceiling):

Like I said, we didn't really have a plan so I might have done things differently looking back. But we did changes as we had the money and it came together fairly well in the end.

Good luck with your project and please make sure to share what you do. Of course I love to see all of the brand new kitchens here - but the makeovers are awesome, too!

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Thank you projectsneverend. Except for your added cabinetry around your fridge, our kitchens are very similar. Are you satisfied that you kept your faux brick? It's funny, after I painted mine it didn't bother me near as much, as I had never had a backsplash, so it was an improvement for me. I cannot find a laminate countertop material that I love, so I did look at solid surface and granite today. Am not sure if I can convince DH on that though. Tell me about your gel stain. I didn't think that I'd like to go darker, but it does update somewhat. And how do you like your glasstop stove? My husband hates ours, but I really don't mind the extra upkeep.

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I rather like that the cabinets are about the same color as the pie safe and table. Painting them might give a fresh look but not necessarily a better look. Floor and counters would be on the top of my list. A lighter colored floor with larger "tiles" will lighten the room. With granite for counters, you could switch to an undermount sink with new faucet which will also be more contemporary.

I'd like to see how a light orange would look on the walls. Maybe someone out there will photoshop a few different colors for you.

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Our cabs do look quite similar. I had originally planned on keeping mine as they were and just update with granite. But after the granite was installed, I didn't like the busy-ness of the wood grain stripe in the cabs to the granite detail. It was too much 'movement' or something for me. I wanted to even out the grain a bit with gel stain. (Had thought about painting, but wanted to try this first.) The gel stain was a project, but imo easier than painting. General Finishes gel stain is the ONLY way to go. There are various color options. I ended up going darker than I originally thought I would.

I actually ended up liking my faux brick. I really like how understated it is next to my granite. But I'm in love with the granite and don't wish for a fancy backsplash to compete with it. I'm glad I put the $ into the granite instead. I did try to sponge different soft colors onto the brick, but couldn't make it look right so gave that up.

Take the time to find a countertop that you love and then go from there. I bet that new countertop and hardware, and new paint on the walls will make a huge difference. And I also love the green in your plates/bowl/tin... it's my fav color of green.

oh, and the stovetop... I'm pretty neutral on it.

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I love your transformation.
You have amazing creative style.
This is one to clip and save.


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Riverspots, thank you for your suggestions. I'm still looking for flooring. My current floor is fairly light, but the tiles are small. I kind of wanted to go with a larger tile, but more of a medium shade as it hides the dirt better.

This is predominately gray and rust. The tiles are 15 inch. I would stagger the panels to get more of a brick design

This is a light brown, not my favorite,but looks like it would camouflage dirt. The tiles are oblong with a square one thrown in there. There is a lighter option to the right.

I like this one but it may be too busy. The tiles are 12 inch. It could also be staggered.

Thanks for the paint suggestion. I feel the cabinets and woodwork already are in the orange family so don't know about adding more orange.

I had this paint already, thought I'd give it a try.

l-r oiled soapstone, pearl soapstone, canyon passage, luna shadow, deepstar bronze-The soapstones are a matte finish, the others are HD with a mottled glossy finish

I looked at solid surface and granite yesterday at Home Depot and for my little kitchen $2500! Don't know if I'm that brave.

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ooh - are you taking votes? I actually like the 3rd tile the best with your cabs. Maybe it's just the lighting but it just seems to go together.?
Not sure on the green. I wonder if you went with creamy white or tan and then used the green color for your accent pieces if that would work. And maybe green in your window treatments?
The countertops and floor are so dependent on each other. I find that I almost have to pick what I really love and want to use first and then decide on the other detail from there.

I wouldn't be offended if you ignore my thoughts. :) I'm just throwing things out there!

And boxerpups - thanks! That's a huge compliment to someone very unsure of herself! :)

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The third sample is the Wilsonart Canyon Passage. My bachelor son bought a little cottage and for Christmas we replaced his raspberry red counters with the Canyon Passage. He has about 6 feet of counter space split up by the sink. There was no obvious pattern repeat and it looked really nice with his light oak cabinets. It looks good with mine too. The deep star bronze is similar with some gray and not so much black. Actually either would work.

I agree, I'm not sure the green is right. If the cabinets were painted or a different brown, then maybe.

I found a yellow toned neutral that I like--it's not like lemony, but gives a warm glow. I may go that route, altho someone mentioned blue and I brought home some chips and held the green next to the blue and it was pretty too.

Any feelings on the flooring? I brought home the lighter sample today-it's kind of a brownish gray, with darker flecks, very light and neutral, but with the dark flecks I think it might camouflage the track-in dirt and crumbs pretty well.

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I wouldn't do anything to your cabinets, and I'd go with a warm green color scheme. I think the problem with the green you tried is that it was too gray - I'd try a more yellow green.

I think that you're considering Trafficmaster Allure for the flooring, and if so, try the "Patina" color. I have it, and it reads as a brownish-gray with a greenish overcast. Not *way* green, but it would harmonize well. (I love this product, btw!)

Benjamin Moore
Mountain Lane
Classic Colors #488

Your cabinets

Benjamin Moore
Traditional Yellow
Classic Colors #170
(possible backsplash)

Trafficmasture Allure

Flame Soapstone
(another possibility
for the counter)

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Joann, thanks for the sample board! I considered the Allure, but have read mixed reviews. So yours is working out okay? We would probably have to put down luan to smooth out our subfloor.

Yes, I think you're right about the green. I have a million green paint chips from everywhere so I will have to go through them. Still not sure I want my whole kitchen to be green, even tho it is my favorite color.

I have looked at the Flame Soapstone, but do not have a sample. It looks like it would go well with the cabinets.

Thanks again for your input. Hopefully today I will get some decisions made!

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We've had the Allure down for about six months, and love it so far. It was also very easy to install.

I read the mixed reviews, too. It seemed like a number of them didn't allow the product time to acclimate to the house, or they didn't roll the seams. (You have to roll to activate the adhesive, according to the instructions.)

We did put down 1/4" luan to smooth the floor, but the product says it can handle quite a bit of unevenness, and that luan isn't required. I'm not sure.

Good luck on the decisions! I agonized over the green for my kitchen (a springy yellow green with a bit of a grayish cast:)).

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All of the wallpaper is gone, walls are patched, sanded, and primed. I've sent for two of the 8x10 laminate samples from Wilsonart--they were only a $1 and free shipping!

Found some drawer pulls that match the ones on the pie safe at Knobs & Hardware, but there aren't knobs that go with them, so may have to experiment there. Also, thought about maybe using something copper, but then am not sure it would show up that well on the cabinets. Also found some green, oval ceramic knobs that might be kind of quirky, but they were pretty cheap, so could try them, and then no great loss if they didn't work.

Still trying to decide on paint. Have looked for a rug to kind of inspire me, but no luck there yet. Will probably pull the paint color from the countertop, so it will probably be in the yellow family.

I was hoping to go in a different direction, as most of my house is done in warmer tones and I kind of wanted to switch things up a bit, but it still will be an improvement.

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I've loved projectsneverends kitchen since it came out and was going to say that yours might be better to be dyed or stained darker in a similar fashion. They look like they have beautiful grains pattern on them and while they must look worse in reality I think they looked great in the photos.

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someone on another thread here used a great green in their k*itchen. it isn't lighter tho. I think the one you used above is too minty looking. I posted a link to that 'green wall' thread below.

I'd also stay away from any orangey or red in fl*ooring etc - i think it'll just hilite orange tones in your cabs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wall color- SW Dried Thyme, custom lightened

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Thank you for your interest in my kitchen. I chickened out with the green and went for a more neutral-Valspar "Churchill Hotel Wheat." It looks rather blah in the photos, but is a soft, warm neutral yellow toned neutral. In an original followup someone had suggested borrowing a color from the shared wall from the hallway, so that is what I did. At this stage, I found it easier to work with this neutral. I'm hoping to maybe use a green in the adjacent dining, family room area.

I'm moving at a snail's pace as had a disagreement with DH on a few changes. So, I just kind of stopped working until we could work it out. Also, am really having trouble finding flooring that I love. I originally wanted tile, but DH said no, so am trying to find a stone or tile look laminate that will work for me-so far, no luck. I want something that won't be too dark, but yet won't show every little speck of dirt. And, I don't want a real cottagey look either.

I did order some hardware samples and they should come soon.

The stairwall

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$229.00 | FRONTGATE
Polished Chrome Whitehaus WH832148 Widespread Cross Handle Bathroom Faucet
$399.00 | Blue Bath
Safavieh Area Rug: Veranda Blue/Chocolate 5.25' x 7.5'
Home Depot
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