Crystal cabinet knobs

FingNugSnugMarch 29, 2012

Show me your crystal/glass cabinet knobs please! I'm thinking about using them on my island, and a coordinating nickel or pewter on perimeter cabs. My husband and kids think that this is an " old lady" style, but this old lady kinda likes it! Perimeter cabinets are a medium tone stained maple, and island is ivoryish with a glaze...antique linen is the name. Thanks so much!

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I wonder if my crystal knobs miss me. I miss them. Some pics I took on the day we moved was as if they were saying goodbye.

The rainbow on my Bianco Antico

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Honestly, I think you're a reincarnated magpie.

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bee - where are those crystal knobs from? Gorgeous! SPARKLIES.

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Old Town crystal knobs I bought on ebay.

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!!Please everyone!! Tell us where you bought your knobs!

Fing--my DH told me the same thing when I mentioned them for my dish hutch even though I used polished nickel pulls everywhere else. Tell him its a "vintage" look, not "old lady."

Marcolo--was the magpie reference direct to Bee with her fixation on all things blingy, sparkly, reflective, shimmery, and shiny? :)


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Yes, indeedy.

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I'd be afraid those crystal knobs would burn down my house. Sorry, couldn't resist.

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But this is the thing...they didn't do it everyday.....even every sunny day. Maybe twice a year for a couple of days. The sun had to be at the correct angle, certain time of day, etc.

I really felt my house was saying good bye. With this very warm winter my beautiful cherry trees actually were blooming a full month early I didn't think I'd see them in bloom again.

Oh I'm tearing up....not really. Marcolo--you are the best.

breezy, they were purchased on eBay. They aren't the "crystal acrylic" ones I keep seeing. lol I was looking again for them for my closet. I think they would be beautiful in there, we are doing light french gray cabinetry in there. I'm also secretly looking at some pink crystal rose bud knobs for in there. Because, well, you know.....I want to paint the ceiling a blush pink color..shhhh don't tell Mr. BK.

Not sure why the same photo posted twice, but this was the other one I wanted to show

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They are gorgeous! Bee, I would hate to leave those beauties behind, but it must help to know that someone else is enjoying their sparkle. Shelayne, yours are beautiful also...can't believe you got them on eBay. I will go check there right now!

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Here's mine. I have 22 of these Deco looking knobs in my bathroom. This was while we were reno-ing and assimilating the elements.

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I love these knobs and am heading to Ebay now too . . . would you use them on lowers too? I have glass doorknobs on all my doors . . DH and I pick them up at flea markets, tag sales and replaced them one by one . . ooh la la.

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I have them on my butler's pantry and dd's bathroom cabinets. They are nowhere near as large and pretty as Bee's...I am pretty sure they are just acrylic. I was very tired by the end of the session with my KD and ID when we did hardware, and just looked at a pic and said, "those are sparkly, they are fine." I never touched them. They aren't awful to look at, just a standard size and with that lighter acrylic feel. Oh well, I'll eventually replace them. There aren't too many,

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