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hbquilterMarch 6, 2008

I have a Bernina which I find fussy to different threads. Does any one use Essential Threads by Connecting Threads? Do you like it and do you find you need to adjust tension?

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I think that many of the quilters here have tried this thread and really like it. We've discussed it before and no, I do not find I have to adjust the tension. I'm not sewing on a Bernina, so maybe someone else will chime in with their experience.


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I don't use Connecting Thread but I have had Bernina machines for 30 yrs. and that was a feature I love...can put any kind of thread on it. Only have to do minor adjustment if top & bottom are different. Dust and lint can build up in the tension discs. I know this isn't answering your question.

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My machine is a Bernina 1630 (old, I know), I use the Essential thread exclusively now, and I have no problem with it at all, don't have to adjust anything on the machine. I love that thread!

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My Bernina is 6 yrs old and is also finicky about thread. Have to use the same thread in top and bottom. It does not like Essential thread, so I use Ess. thread on other machines and it does fine. The Bernina loves Mettler Silk Finish.


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Connecting threads is having a good sale on their thread right now. I haven't used it but I think I will order some. I haven't found my Pfaff to be particular about what thread I use. I do have to do a little more cleaning with cheap thread, but I've always tried to brush it out well every time I change a bobbin.

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I'm a professional quilter and use many different brands of thread, usually depending on which brand has the color that I need. It's normal to have to adjust tension when you change thread brands. I have used Essentials and it's one of my favorites--probably the best quality for the money out there right now.


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Don't you just love your 1630...I have one too. I have another Bernina as a back up since I sew for more than a hobby and must always have a machine up and running but my favorite is the 1630


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I use it and I think it is excellent FOR THE PRICE. I didn't have tension problems, (I don't think) but I did have it keep breaking if I used universal needles for piecing. Had to switch to quilting or sharps needles.

Since discovering connecting threads I also found long creek mills which has the best price I've ever encountered and their cotton thread is STRONG and seems virtually lint free -- but the colors are very limited.

Here is a link that might be useful: look at the QUILTING THREAD on this page

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Laura--I'm surprised that you had trouble with thread breakage. I usually just use a Singer needle and have not noticed such problems. I never use quilting needles for machine quilting--I've just not seen a need.


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Maybe it was my machine too? But at the time, several of us were trying out that thread and discussing it and I'm pretty sure I remember a couple others saying the same thing happened to them. And this was just piecing, not even quilting.

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I use this thread exclusively since buying some about two years ago. I think I have all the sets now. The only time I don't use it is when I run out of a color like white or off-white and I have to go to a local store and pick up some C&C. Oh, and I don't have a Bernina.

I just ordered some of their fabric a few weeks ago and it is gorgeous! The price is nice too.


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The thread is ok but be sure to clean your machine out every bobbin change it leave alot of lint, never had it breaking using a #75 quilting needle and I sew with a Bernina and Janome. My thread of choice now is Aurifil.

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Thanks and it sounds like we have mixed reviews. I have a Bernina 230PE and I find it fussy. I only use Guiterman thread which is very expensive. I was told not to use CC thread in it. Occasionally I use Mettler but I find it breaks and leaves a lot of lint. I'm aware of the sale on Essential Thread so maybe I'll try some.

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Machines do have their own personalities. One thing that some modern machines can be fussy about is the direction of the thread twist. An easy fix sometimes is just to flip the spool upside down and see if it solves the breakage problem. Another thing--this might not pertain since I'm not at all up on modern machines--but with my vintage machines, I do have to feed long yardage spools and cones off a thread stand, they don't work well if the spool/cone has to spin to release the thread. The thread has a tendency to drop to the bottom of the spool and wrap itself around the vertical spool pin. This shouldn't be a problem with horizontal pins, though.

The topic of thread is pretty interesting to me as a custom quilter. I've found that with my pre-1965 machines, I can use just about anything: dual duty, C&C Star, Connecting Threads, rayon, glazed hand quilting thread (a HUGE no-no in modern machines), nylon, Guttermans, Mettler, YLI, silk--it makes no difference whatsoever, other than that I will have to adjust the tension for different sizes of thread. I always use 100% cotton in the bobbin (usually C&C Star 'cuz it's cheapest and I always have lots on hand). I haven't tried metallics as I've had no call for them, but I'd like to try just to see how my old girls react to it.


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