Solar Roller Cover Stick -- Love or Hate?

bobyoeJuly 6, 2011

Guess I should have been more specific. We had a reel and it worked fine, as far as a reel is concerned. The problem was the free form shape of the pool caused very uneven rolling. When we placed at the end, it was such pain we never used it. Two years ago we purchased a new clear cover and attached it in the middle. While this worked better in rolling up the cover it meant either we left the reel over the middle of the pool (really ugly) or moved it off to the side (not a one person project).

So my question was referring to a product called a solar roller cover stick. I am wondering if these do work and are easier than a reel for an irregularly shaped pool. After using one, are you pleased with the results? I now have cut our cover in half to get rid of the big old reel eyesore. I can take the pieces off myself, but was wondering of the solar roller really works. It certainly can't be as easy as they show in the video!

Here is a link that might be useful: Solar Roller Cover Stick

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