46ft Long Pool Long Enough for both Diving and Volleyball?

JenniferNEJuly 27, 2012

I can only fit a rectangular shape. I was thinking of 20X46. I would like 8-8.5ft depth for diving and at least 20 ft long for water volleyball (10ft on each side of net, I know it's a small court). He said with a liner style pool, I would need 29 feet for diving which only leaves me 17 feet. He said liner pools (e.g. Cardinal Systems) not the same as shooting gunite (which we don't really do in Nebraska) Is that correct? The play area would all be 3.5ft deep, but if I read the ratios on the website correctly, it seems like it would fit. 20ft for play area at 3.5 ft + 15 ft for slope + 6 ft for bottom of hopper + 5 ft for steep slope under board. Would that not work? THANKS!!!!

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Look up the ANSI/APSP standards for diving pools and figure out what you need for the diving end and then can add your shallow end to that to find your total length.

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Thanks so much. Didn't know that existed. When I research the net, it appears that all standards are available for purchase as high as $350. The ANSI codes for Nebraska are not available on the internet. Know of any good links? Thanks again.

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Here's one. It seems a little complicated but I didn't get too deep into it.


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