Need island light compatible with this chandelier

bbstxApril 5, 2014

Sister is changing out lights in her new house's kitchen and breakfast room. This is the chandelier she has chosen for her breakfast room

She needs an compatible island fixture, preferably something that will provide down lighting for tasks carried out at the island (dishwashing, food prep, etc.)

She considered this island light, but is afraid that it might be too glare-y, and too fussy compared to the chandlier.

She prefers a brass, gold-tone, or aged silver finish. She is not fond of ORB and doesn't think it would blend well with the chandelier.


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How big is the island?

I think this would go well with the simple lines.

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like zeitgast's!

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I like that one, zg. What is the source?

I think her island is about 8 feet long by 3 feet wide.

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Circa Lighting. If you are working with a designer they get good discounts. This fixture is about $700 otherwise.

Might need to space the lights a bit more to cover 8' though. Link below might help planning.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pendant lights done right

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How about a couple of simple pendants from Rejuvenation Lighting?

Here is a link that might be useful: Rejuvenation Lighting

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Something like this? Also remember, maybe want kitchen pendants which are easy to clean.

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That looks remarkably like the light that I'd like to put over my b'fast table.

and I've chosen these lights for over my island. Saw them in a store in Charleston last month - it's a new light from Regina Andrew. They have a slightly green beach glass caste to them.

Alas, I have an existing pendant for over my dining table, and lights we already purchased for our pendants, so it's a budget issue, deciding to replace what we have with what we'd rather have. Can you tell the source of your sisters light? Maybe it's less expensive than the Currie and Co. chandy I've chosen?

Here is a link that might be useful: Regina_Andrew_Pendants

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Mlweaving, not to hijack OP's thread, but I saw what I think are your pineapple lights on Lampsplus open box sale. Might save you a few dollars, if you haven't already purchased.

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mlweaving_Marji, the chandelier Sister has picked is by Crystorama. It is $450 at Horchow, but Crystorama can probably be purchased at your local lighting store.

Y'all have posted some very pretty lights, but she doesn't care for the clear or slightly tinted glass shades, although I'm warming to them.

The crystal light bulbs were very interesting!

btw, I don't think I've explained that she can't just have pendant lights installed across the length of the island. I can't remember precisely why now, but she has one junction box to work with.

Can a regular pendant light be adapted to work on a track? If so, she could put up a track, buy some nice pendants and not be restricted to an island light.

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bbstx, thanks for the info - that is indeed a fraction of the price of the Currey and Co one.
What you want to search for a single Jbox hanging long light is "island Light" or "island pendant", then enter into your search criteria the longest category they'll give you. It does seriously limit the choices for pendants. Somewhere once I read that for retrofitting or remodeling, there is an option where you can attach single pendants along a track, but I can't find where I read that. Maybe someone else here will know.

What I don't like about the two she's put together is that one is heavy square hard lines and the other is delicate curvy lines. Too much contrast IMO.

Thanks Dee for the link. That Hinckley milk glass light has been on clearance forever, it's discontinued and evidently they can't even give it away. The clear glass globe is so much prettier. Love the Hinkley interior pineapple lights but I think they're probably just a bit too formal for our interior. Anyway, ours are sitting in the warehouse waiting to be installed.

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Marji, she doesn't like the two together either. Unfortunately, island lights seem to have lots of swoops and swirls and falderol, or they are straight lined and chrome. She is looking for something elegant, timeless, and classic.

The builder will give her credit for the old fixtures and switch out the new fixtures but she is under a looming deadline to get it done. That is making matters worse!

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Perhaps two or even three of these bell jar lights?

Classic -- and work well with her chandelier ...

Here is a link that might be useful: Bellacor -- how about a couple of these?

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OK, this is a challenge.
Quorum has a collection called La Maison, and they pair this island fixture

With this chandy

Color is called Manchester Grey, although it looks to me more bronze.
They're also making this - which they're calling "white"

Any of those offer any appeal?

If she can work her way around to liking a clear globe I found something similar to my choice, on a single connection.
. Maybe she would do something like this (lose the curly bulbs!!) and replace the globes with something solid.

Here is a link that might be useful: La_Maison_collection

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This is a multi-pendant look from one junction box. Looked interesting anyway.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lamps plus multi pendant fixture

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Holly- Kay

I think echoing the curviness of the chandy with her choice in island lighting would make it look all pulled together. I really like the first and the third light that ML posted with the third being my favorite.

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I forwarded to Sister your suggestions for an island light. She really likes the first one posted by zeitgest. However, she is worried that the paper shades will be hard to maintain in a kitchen. I pointed out that she isn't bathing an elephant in the sink and she doesn't often fry food indoors. I said I would buy the light and worry about the shades later. If she were really really worried, she could buy an extra set of shades when she buys the lamp. Yet, she hesitates.

Can anyone give me any words of advice that will help her get comfortable with the idea of paper shades in the kitchen? (I'm assuming these are hard-back shades covered with paper instead of fabric.)

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She can purchase a paper shade and keep it in the kitchen for awhile to determine if it gets dirty or not. Perhaps try ScotchGuard (or something protective) on 1/2 of the shade to see if that makes any difference or causes discoloration of the shade.

According to Circa's website those are indeed paper shades which can, of course, be replaced if need be.

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We bought two identical chandeliers with four lights and tore one apart. We now have the chandelier in our kitchen and four sconces over our eat in kitchen counter. When they don't sell just what ya need--ya have to think out of the box.

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I don't blame her. I'd be very hesitant about putting paper shades in a kitchen.

If she likes the shaded chandy, why doesn't she just switch them around, put her first one in the kitchen and the shaded one in the breakfast area?

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Good idea, zg. I'll suggest that she scour the attic for an old shade or go buy an el cheapo to test.

Tib, she has thought of doing exactly what you suggest. However, because of the screwy way the lights were installed, if she were to put the chandelier over the island, which means it is over the sink, and if she hangs it at a pleasant height, whoever is at the sink will hit his/her head on the fixture. It is 28" diameter, considerably bigger front to back than most flat island lights,

Well, I just had an interesting experience! I went to the Visual Comfort website to get the depth of the light fixture. Live Chat was up and running so I thought I would ask if they had information about the suitableness of this fixture for a kitchen. Before I could even ask my question, they wanted to know if I wanted a quote for a lesser price! They knocked off $110!! Also told me that additional shades were available.

If I needed it, I would buy this fixture in a heartbeat!

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