Making a New Poster Look Old?

des_arc_ya_yaApril 28, 2010

Not a PEOPLE poster, a PAPER poster! LOL

What can you put on, or do to a poster to put some character and age on it? (Aside from the obvious answers of stomping on it, crumpling it up, etc. LOL)


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Hiya YaYa, how about some burnt umber acrylic paint thinned down really well and smooshed on with a paper towel? Don't let it get too wet, but rub it around then wipe it off so that it looks aged. Try it on an old magazine page first to perfect your technique. You could try burning the edges with a lighter too that would age it a bit.

Of course you will have to show it to us when you're done ;o)


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How about dampening a paper towel with strong, cold tea, shooshing it around on the poster, then wiping it off?

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LOL... coffee gets darker faster. how old? like
85 years, or 10? lol

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I have used Zipper's method many times and it works.Instead of burning the edges tear them,little pieces at a time,so that the torn edge is showing and cover that with the burnt umber acrylic and wipe it off carefully.A cotton ball works great for applying the paint and wiping it off or a folded piece of gauze or flannel.You can add more layers of paint to get the desired "age".

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FlamingO in AR

I agree with Zipper and also a few strategically placed creases would add to it, too. I would do them before the antiquing medium so they could take some staining, too.

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You might also check Hobby Lobby, or Walmart, or JoAnns for a tole paint that does that job. Can't remember what it is, but I think you just paint it on, and it looks antique. You also google tole painting and that might help

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Try ironing the edges with a hot iron, enough to make it brown and dry. then tear a few spots. Also try rolling the poster roughly to create some creases. I remembering making a "Civil War newspaper" look old for a history project in junior high. (It wasn't a real newspaper-just something I typed up on regular paper and then tried to make it look 100 years old.)

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Once you get it 'aged', I'd frame it in a poster frame.. that way people will think it is really a collectible!!

Are you gonna post a picture for us when you get done??

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Thanks for all the ideas, guys. Yep, Lydia, if it looks good, I'll sure show it! LOL

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